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    Help! Please help me figure out a way to honor my mom/Christina variant

    Hi we are expecting DD #2 in November. Current frontrunners are Margo(t) and Sylvia but that could change. What I need help with is the middle spot. Ramona's middle is Mae, which is my great grandmother's name. I always thought that if I had a second daughter I would want to honor my mom somehow with the middle spot but I am really struggling with how to make that happen.

    Her name is Tina Lee. My middle name is Christina. She is the second daughter in her family and I am the second daughter in mine and this baby will be the second daughter in hers so I have it in my head that I want to use a variant of a name that means "Christian" in the middle spot.

    Here is the thing. I don't like any of the obvious options (Christian, Christina, Katrina, Katerina, Kirsten, Kirsty, Christy, Crystal etc.).

    Options I kind of like:

    Christabel-my mom's pet name for me has always been Belle so this feels like it has a personal connection but I don't love the flow. Our last name sounds like cower. Sylvia Christabel Cower, Margot Christabel Cower. Neither is bad to me but both seem to lack the punchiness of Ramona Mae Cower

    Martina-not a Christina variant but it has Tina in it and my grandmother's name is Mary so it combines them both not sure how the combo works Margot Martina has alliteration which I am not sure about. Sylvia Martina doesn't flow well to me, I don't like that they both end in -a.

    Can anybody think of any other options?

    One other question-

    Before we found out the gender of Ramona (our first child) we decided that we would try to use names that honor my side of the family for girls and DH's side for boys. If we have a boy ever his first name will be Bruce after DH's late dad. But now that we are having a second girl I am wondering if this policy is unfair- are we risking hurt feelings if we choose another name that honor's my side of the family?? DH and his mom have a very complicated and contentious relationship and he is not close to either set of grandparents so he doesn't have any desire to name a girl after any of the women on his side. At this point the fact is that we may not ever have a boy...
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    I love Margot and Sylvia! I like Christine or Lee.

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    I see someone beat me to Sylvia Martine - which is beautiful! With Margot, I like Christabel. With either, I think Leigh would be pretty.

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    Other names that contain -tina or -tine:


    I like Margot Justina, Sylvia Leontine.

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