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    Nameberry the app?

    Ok before I begin. I just want to say I had no clue what form to put it in, so I apologise in advance.

    Right the main point. Does Nameberry have an app for iPhone/ iPad/ Android or anything else? If there is not would anyone else apart from me want one? My reasons for is that it would be a lot quicker and easier, but this my opinion. So would you like an app?
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    I think this might be better in the All About Nameberry form, but you'll probably get more responses here

    As far as I know, there isn't one. A thread and a poll was started a while back about this, but it sort of died off in the All About Nameberry section.
    Nameberry App

    Now, onto the actual questions. I would love an app for my Android, mainly because the mobile website is such a pain for me. Too many ads and I can't access the New Posts button on the forums! I also think in general, it would be much more convenient if one needed to do a quick search on a name or a thread with a focus on a particular name.
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