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Thread: Valentina

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    We have been tossing around the name Valentina, so I just wanted to get opinions. Do you like this name? Why or why not? We are a bit concerned about the popularity in the U.S., as it (surprisingly) seems to be in the top 200 for 2012. However, as we don't live in the U.S. right now, it's hard to gauge it's popularity. So, for those in the U.S., have you met any little Valentinas? Lastly, DH is concerned that it doesn't have any good nns... Vali is out of the question, as it is a boy's name in Iran. Any nn ideas? We're also more than open to name ideas, but we do prefer that the name be either Italian or Persian (no Arabic names), and can't end in a -s, -z, or -r. Thanks ahead of time!
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    I love Valentina. It's one of my favorites (see my signature)! I wouldn't use a nn for it. it's too gorgeous to be shortened. I know a Valentina, she goes by Val. She's in her 40's and she's very laid back.
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    Totally love this name and I agree - why have a nickname?? It should be said in it's full. It feels so Italian - feels so classy yet very pretty aswell!

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    I think Valentina is a very beautiful name, and really didnt realize it was so high in popularity, because I havent met anyone with the name before! It also reminds me a lot of Violetta, which I think is also a very pretty "V" name. Cant think of any good nicknames other than Val though

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    So melodic! I adore the name and too think Valentina is lovely on its own though Val or Tina seem obvious nn possibilities. An old name which is reminiscent of it and not remotely trendy is Valeria, which I quite like too!

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