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    Opinions on the name Easter.

    I came across the name Easter and think that it is really cute but may be too out there. I'm a Christian so links with that stance. I would like people's opinions and possible middle names.
    Thanks berries!

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    I think its cute, but I do think it may be too out there to use a name. Especially a fn.

    Easter Noelle
    Easter Olivia
    Easter Penelope

    Just a few ideas. Easter sounds really odd as a fn.

    Charlotte Easter
    Clara Easter
    Jocelyn Easter

    I like it more as a mn, and it just flows better that way. I see the appeal but i just dont think it works.

    A few names that you might like-

    I think these kinda subtly point to your religion. I love Sunday Faith but people told me it was too much.

    Maybe you'd like a biblical name?


    Best of luck!
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    cute but think of your child growing up into an adult. would an adult want this name? probably not. it comes off as gimmicky.

    Nameberry lists this name as a pagan goddess, but there seems to be debate over whether the mixing of Christian and pagan traditions caused the word Easter to come from the German goddess name Eostre or from the Pascal Hebrew names that mean Passover.

    simply from what i can tell a monk named Bebe wrote that the Eostre-Month was celebration of the Eostre goddess - but theres no German or any other writings previous to this man every mentioning her name in any form or any holiday, ever. think he was just a guy that was trying to be a historian and hypothesized that since other months had gods and holidays this one meant the same thing. theres just no proof of that.

    anyway i just think its important to actually know the meaning behind things because many words are so ancient we may have no idea what they really mean or their original intention simply because we never think to ask.

    i personally would find a better name by researching this time of year as well as Jewish and Christian traditions and names.

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    I know Easter has been used as a name a lot longer than most people would think, but I don't particularly like it. Would you name a child Christmas or Thanksgiving? Probably not. There are a lot of names out there that relate to Easter though. Try these lists/blog posts instead:

    Naming Your Easter Baby – Baby Name Blog - Nameberry
    Easter Names – Baby Name Blog - Nameberry

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    Easter makes me think of Sheryl Crow's song, "Everyday Is A Winding Road."

    There's a line in that goes, "He's got a daughter he calls 'Easter' / She was born on a Tuesday night."

    I think for the right person that Easter could work. It's a little quirky, and the nickname, Essie, could make a little snappy and sassy. Other nickname ideas: Ettie or Teri.

    Also, names worth considering: Esther (also a religious choice), Estera (a Polish/Slovak variation of Esther) -- I think Estera called Estée would be divine, Pascale, Pascaline, Pasqua, Renata, Anastasia, Christina
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