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    Ah, so many I love!

    Here's my long list, that I'm simply had over heels for all of them. Which ones are your favorites?

    Lark Evelyn
    Luna Penelope
    Esme Coraline
    Posy Adelaide
    Anja Cecily
    Elin Violet
    Sage Florence
    Ivy Imogen
    Sela Margaret
    Eden Amelia
    Nora Beatrix
    Ruby Cordelia
    Faye Clementine
    Vera Lillian
    Etta Genevieve
    Iris Matilda
    Neve Charlotte

    Already have Tess McKayla and Kaia Felicity
    Mom to Tess, Kaia, Jasper and dogs Brody, Max and Felix

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    You have some great choices here. I'm a fan of your style.

    Lark Evelyn - I like it, at least I think I do. Lark is one of those names that's beautiful in theory, but when you say it out loud, it can potentially sound a bit off. Try calling it out like you would to a child, and see how silly (or not silly) you feel.

    Luna Penelope - I really like it, but flow-wise, it's a bit bumpy for me. I think Penelope, Kaia, and Tess would make a cuter sibset, as each of their names would have a different amount of syllables, but they all have that light, sweet, airy quality.

    Esme Coraline - Good, yes, preferably if pronounced EZZ-may. That said, despite the name's history, it will always be associated with Twilight for me.

    Posy Adelaide - Posy as a full name is not for me, but it does complement Tess well. Both are short and sweet and contain an S.

    Anja Cecily - Unless there's a family history, I prefer spelling Anya, assuming you're in an English-speaking country. Otherwise, I like it.

    Elin Violet - Not a fan. Maybe because I don't get "Elin." Is it Ellen? Isn't that who Tiger Woods cheated with? It's my only association. Are you Swedish? Not that you have to be to use that spelling; I was just wondering if there's any special reason you'd choose a version of the name that's going to be much less recognisable in places like the US and UK.

    Sage Florence - Florence Sage is much superior, I think. Though Florence doesn't pair particularly well with Tess or Kaia.

    Ivy Imogen - Not a fan of the alliteration in this case or the flow (I'm not against alliteration wholesale, just in this particular instance). That said, Ivy is a wonderful match with Tess and Kaia. Ivy Coraline, Ivy Beatrix, Ivy Clementine, Ivy Genevieve.

    Sela Margaret - Cute, like it a lot. Sela is one of the very few names on my girl list.

    Eden Amelia - Not a fan of Eden, as it feels uber-trendy. And it's also a weirdly loaded name? It has a pleasant sound, but reminds me of names like "Heaven."

    Nora Beatrix - I like it. Nora, Kaia, and Tess is a cute sibset. Though Nora does sound far more serious than those names.

    Ruby Cordelia - This is my favourite for you, at least first name Ruby. Ruby, Kaia, Tess -- all short and sweet, but no one is left out as far as endings and matching letters.

    Faye Clementine - Like it. Prefer Fae, as it seems more ethereal and less country
    Vera Lillian - Like it.

    Etta Genevieve - Not a fan of Etta on its own (prefer as a nickname), but this is a pretty combo.

    Iris Matilda - Iris and Matilda don't go together to my ears. They should, as they're both old-lady names. But they have a different feel to me.

    Neve Charlotte - Unexpected combo and cute.

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    deciding between Maxwell . Calvin . Finn

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    Lark Evelyn - trendy/gimmicky
    Luna Penelope - getting popular but Luna is lovely, switch Penelope to Penelopa to try something new
    Esme Coraline - Twilight connotation but worth it since its so lovely
    Posy Adelaide - go with Posy as the middle name for better flow
    Anja Cecily - switch Cecily to the first name, odd sound for a first name
    Elin Violet - Tiger Woods ex
    Sage Florence - no flow, try Fiorentina, Florencia
    Ivy Imogen - a lot of I, overused nature name + Beyonce's kid & Imogen has been at the top on Nameberry - id trade them for Evie Ilaria
    Sela Margaret - different and light, for a middle try March, Marchaline, Maisie
    Eden Amelia - just ok, Eden seems to be in the same category as Lotus & Maya, trying too hard to find 'new' & 'exotic' nature names
    Nora Beatrix - prefer Nora Bellatrix
    Ruby Cordelia - switch Cordelia to the first name for better flow
    Faye Clementine - Faye used to be trendy and then because gimmicky and Clementine is currently trendy. Faye may have had enough downtime to deserve a revival
    Vera Lillian - Wang. kinda trendy, trying to hard to use a 'rare' letter
    Etta Genevieve - try Etta Jessamy instead for a less popular middle
    Iris Matilda - no flow, try the variation Maudlin Iris instead
    Neve Charlotte - dislike Neve, just odd sound, wouldnt want to be called that, Charlotte is uber popular. try Neely (knee-ly)

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    Lark Evelyn: I really love the name Lark and Lark Evelyn sounds great but despite my love for Lark I think it doesn't sound nice as a first name.
    Luna Penelope: This is a great combo!
    Esme Coraline: Love this!
    Posy Adelaide: I am not a fan of Posy as a first name.
    Anja Cecily: Love Anja though I prefer Aine/Anya spelling but that just might be because of where I live. Like it but not my favorite with Kaia and Tess.
    Elin Violet: Not a fan of Elin.
    Sage Florence: Great combo but I am not a fan of Sage as a first name.
    Ivy Imogen: This combo is ok.
    Sela Margaret: Love this and Sela is so unexpected!
    Eden Amelia: ok combo
    Nora Beatrix: like the pp suggestion of Nora Bellatrix
    Ruby Cordelia: Love this!
    Faye Clementine: Love this!
    Vera Lillian: Love this but prefer Vera Adelaide or Vera Charlotte.
    Etta Genevieve: Love Etta!
    Iris Matilda: Iris is nice.
    Neve Charlotte: Love this!!
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