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  • gram (in UK)

    4 3.81%
  • gray-um (in UK)

    12 11.43%
  • gram (not in UK)

    75 71.43%
  • gray-um (not in UK)

    12 11.43%
  • other (please comment)

    2 1.90%
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    Pronounce Graham!


    I've had a few comments on a previous post that people pronounce Graham as "gram". I'm in the UK and have never heard this pronunciation before, everyone I know says gray-am/um. I'm just curious as to the pronunciation used UK vs everywhere else! So, how do you say it and where are you from?

    Thanks for your help!
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    I think regardless of the prn you have in your head, it comes out sound gram. Gray um said quickly, sounds like gram. I love the name.

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    I agree with @boyandgirl - I have heard that it's gray-um in the UK, and I just can't get my mouth (or brain!) around that! It just sounds like an elaboration of "gram" to me--it's just sort of contracted here in America. When I try to say Gray-um it just comes out like GRAAAAAAA-m. I think it's just an America vs. the UK/Australia thing. If you live in the UK, though, and are wanting gray-um, I don't think it's really a problem. It seems like everyone there says it that way?
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    Great name! I voted pronunciation as 'Gram'. I live in Northeast, USA.

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    Thanks! Interestingly boyandgirl however fast I say gray-um I can't get it to sound remotely like gram! Must be something to do with different accents. Very interesting!

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