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Thread: This or That!

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    Catherine or Katerina
    Lavender or Lilac (--> this hard because I like them both!)
    Mira or Maya
    Estella or Hester
    Ada or Ida
    Angelina or Evangeline
    Emmaleen or Emmeline (I wouldn't spell it Emmaleen; but it just make its easier to decipher pronunciation.)
    Claudia or Sylvia
    Elena or Raina
    Georgia or Magnolia
    Marisol or Avalon
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    Catherine - though Katerina is a fine choice as well
    Lilac - seems a touch easier to where
    Maya - utterly gorgeous while Mira just sounds like mirror to me
    Estella - love all the Ella names
    Ada - seems unifier than Ida to me.
    Evangeline - gorgeous and does have the unfortunate Jolie connection
    Emmeline - leen works just as well but seems just like Emily with an N in the end, Emmeline sounds more distinct
    Sylvia - Claudia is gorgeous too though!
    Elena or Raina - AH! I can't decide it's just too hard, they are both so gorgeous.
    Georgia - while I like Magnolia I just can't take it seriously, Georgia is so much more grown up
    Marisol - I love the spunk of Marisol

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