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    Ive flown a fair share with my babies and you will have to sit one adult with one twin with one of the older kids due to the oxygen masks. They only have 3 in one row. Your stroller might be too big to take to the plane they have to be collapsible like an umbrella stroller. You might be able to check it at your boarding gate but I would recommend getting a double umbrella for your trip I know has some for reasonable prices. That way you can take the stroller all the way to the plane the flight attendants will have you leave it outside the plane but it will be waiting when you get off for your connecting flight. Pack a backpack for each of your older children with some activities or a portable dvd player book etc. I have never had in flight entertainment offered. Snacks and drinks and a throw blanket because the cabins get cold. Bring pacifiers or something you feel safe for them to suck on for the babies and gum or candy for the older kids for take off and decent. It can be very painful even as an adult I find it boarderline unbearably painful. I would recommend wearing the babies out as much as possible before your flight so they will sleep. And then pack a diaper bag with of course diapers wipes bottles a change of clothing baby snacks and a couple favorite toys bring a book or mp3 player for you an husband if the babes fall asleep. That's all I can think of right now

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