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    I just traveled with my baby on a plane, but only from London to Italy so not a long flight. And she's 19 weeks, so I won't be much help in the keeping them entertained area (but there are other threads for this). I had her in a sling, and the pram went in with the rest of the luggage, but I did see other people bringing buggies on, and the flight attendants put them somewhere else. Most airlines, even cheap ones like easyjet, let parents with children under 5 (?) enter the plane before the other passengers, so even if you haven't chosen seats beforehand it should be no problem.

    I don't have any experience with traveling with children the age of your daughters, but I think I'd give mine some magazines, an iPad with some movies, music, colouring books (mainly for the 6 yo), soft pillows so they can have a nap, plenty of snacks and drinks. Basically all Andie said up there. I very much agree with the comfy clothes thing, I always wear ballet or yoga clothes when I'm on planes.
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    Did you buy seats on the plane for your twins or are you keeping them on your laps for the flight? If you purchased seats, you can install their carseats on the plane. This would actually help if your babies are used to napping in their carseats. It gives you a place to put them.

    Even if you didn't buy seats for the babies, if the flight isn't full most airlines will try and accommodate families. This means that they may rearrange the seating so that you can have access to the empty seats for your babies. This is something that you can ask about at the counter as you check in.

    You will want to bring your booster seat for your six-year-old. You can check it in as baggage and pick it up at baggage claim, bring it to the gate and check it in there (it will be waiting for you at the arrival gate as soon as you disembark), or bring it onto the plane and install it there. If you decide to check it in, the baggage claim attendants usually put it into a plastic bag which they provide, but you can also find travel bags made specifically for this purpose.

    Another option for your six-year-old is the CARES safety harness. You can purchase or rent these. There's more information about this here: Safe Airplane Travel for Kids - CARES Child Aviation Restraint System

    I've done the 10 hour fight from the US to the UK with an 11 month old. This is not the easiest age for plane travel. I would suggest bringing lots of snacks. This is not a time to be stingy with treats. Treats can be more helpful than toys. If it's something the babies can take out of the bag themselves, this is even more helpful. (The whole taking things in and out of containers game is a popular one at this age.) Be prepared that you may be doing a lot of walking up and down the aisles while carrying/following a baby. I've done a lot of standing at the back of the plane while holding a baby at this stage.

    I hope this is somewhat helpful. In the end, just keep in mind that it's only 10 hours. You can endure just about anything for this amount of time!

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    I read this blog post the other day and I thought in might come in handy at the moment, Parenting: 6 Tips for Traveling on a Plane with a Baby
    Hope this helps, good luck!

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    We flew Australia/UK with Agnes when she was 6mo, 8mo and 20mo.

    It was fine!

    All the toys and amusements I bought were a waste of space, mesmerising iPad videos were enough to keep her happy. Sesame St etc, all worked well. It might help that she doesn't normally watch tv so it was a big treat.

    You (of course) don't get to watch anything! Lots of walking up and down the isle, singing and snacks. If they fall asleep on you - bonus but after seven hours I lost all feeling in my legs...

    The worst bit is the airport but hopefully it tires them out.

    Good luck!
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    I'm not a mom...but I think the 12 year old is old enough to sit without a parent. I'm sure they could "babysit" the 6 year old. If you're still not sure, then at least sit behind them, you'll probably be able to keep an eye on them that way.

    As for know your kid best. For the younger ones, make sure they have a favourite toy with them. Some books to read to them. The 6 year old could also have some colouring books.

    If you or your eldest child has any sort of music player like an ipod or mp3 player, you might want to bring that. If they have something like a gameboy, they might want to bring that too. (Unless they have an ipod touch where they can download games directly onto that).

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