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    Traveling with babies ?

    We are making a 10hr 30 minute journey to Arizona from England with our 12 month twins and our 12 and 6 year old daughters this will be out first time travelling as a family of four.

    I need all the tips you can give me to keep them occupied! Also we have a double baby jogger city mini for the twins and car seats which we will need to take and should we take a booster seat for our 6 six year old, how does that work ? Will the buggy survive ?

    The plane seats are two by two so our 12 year old and six year old will be sat by themselves has anyone else had to do this ? They will be sat behind us or infromt of us.


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    Hopefully some experienced moms can comment on travelling with little ones, but re: 12 and 6 year old sitting together... you know your kids best, but twelve seems like a perfectly reasonable age to sit just in front/behind mom and dad on an airplane and not get into any mischief. My parents took my brother and me on flights a lot when we were younger and we were often split up--once when I was ten, I was sandwiched between complete strangers a few rows down from my parents because we couldn't get the seats rearranged. I also think twelve is a perfectly reasonable age to "babysit" the 6-year-old sibling while you two are busy with the twins. Give them both enough to do (and make sure they can work out the in-flight entertainment!) and they'll be fine. If you're still uncomfortable with the idea, you could always have your husband sit with one twin and one of the older kids, and you sit with the other twin and the other older child, but in my experience the two older kids might enjoy themselves more sitting beside each other rather than a parent busy with a baby--more opportunity for activities together.

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    Not a mom, but my mom took to me to Taiwan (11-13 hour trip) when I was just about to turn 1, I actually had my first birthday in Taiwan My dad was in the Navy and going to be gone for 3 months, so for my mom not to be all alone, she went to visit family and took me with her. For a baby, there really isn't much you need to do. She said I mostly slept, but bring a couple of toys and those touch books, they're pretty distracting. Also she would recommend ear plugs or else you'll have a screaming baby when the plane lifts offs.

    We went again to Taiwan when I was 6 and my sister was 5. Booster seat? For the plane? I'm pretty sure they don't allow that.... We didn't bring those. Anyway, my parents had bought us these art kits. So we basically colored the whole way or slept. Now plenty of planes have TV's that they could just watch the movie. So bring headphones unless you want the crappy ones they provide, which also depending on what carrier you have, might make you pay $2 (what American Airlines wanted, Delta is free from my experience). We were also big on reading, so my sister and I each brought 2-3 books.

    No experience with having to sit apart from mom and dad. We didn't have any younger siblings though... We normally got 4 seats in a row, but if we didn't our parents would split. (I would sit with dad, sister sits with mom, and they would switch too)

    Hope that helps a little bit!

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    I don't have children, but I act like a child when I travel so here is what works for me, plus some other advice:

    For the twins:
    - Nurse or bottle feed them during take off and landing. The sucking motion keeps their ears from popping (or so mom friends have told me)
    - Hopefully between feedings and changes, the babies will sleep
    - I'd call the airline to see if you can bring the stroller on the plane as carry-on

    For car seats and booster seat:
    - I would see what the law in Arizona is for 6 year olds riding in cars with or without booster seats
    - This website is pretty handy for talking about car seats and boosters in airplanes, taxis, buses, etc: The Car Seat Lady - Airplanes
    - I would call the airline to see what to do about car seats and booster - whether they need to be checked or carried on

    For the 6 and 12 year olds (these are things that I still do for myself):
    - Most trans-Atlantic airplanes have great in-flight entertainment with tv's on the back of each seat. Bring at least 2 or more earphones (like for iPods) and set the kids up with a kids' movie
    - Bring books, activities, snacks, juice and water (those would have to be bought at the airport, I think)
    - You can buy earplugs called "Ear Planes" at drug stores - they act like ear plugs but are specially designed to keep the pressure even during take off and landing
    - You can give the kids hard candy or gum during take off and landing
    - If it is an overnight flight, maybe give them Gravol or something that might make them drowsy so they can sleep through the flight. Might want to consider buying the pillow and blanket (or bringing your own) for them if they would sleep through the flight (I get cold on overnight flights, personally)
    - Put them in comfortable clothes - I still wear track pants, t-shirt, and zip up sweater on planes.

    Hope this helps! Have a great trip!

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    I'm not sure what airline you're using, some let you choose your seats when you buy the tickets and some let you choose when you check in. If worst comes to worst and you're all spread out you can always ask the flight attendants to negotiate with other passengers so that you can all sit together. One thing you may have to look up is whether your airline allows more than one infant per row (I know that westjet doesn't), if they don't then you and your partner may be seated apart. I believe that most airlines allow you to bring a car seat and a stroller on the plane with no extra charge, though calling the airline just to make sure that its fine and that your car seats meet the approved safety standards couldn't hurt.
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