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    Lucky in daughters

    This December we will be adding another girl to our family! She will be the youngest of three girls and our last We feel like we will feel complete as a family when she arrives.
    Her big sisters are Sylvia Thomas (Sylvie) and Josephine May (Josie). Sylvie was named after my father because they share the same birthday and Josie was named after grandparents we have lost.

    We love classic, vintage names and we LOVE nicknames!!!

    *Also my husband and I have been tossing around the idea of having a name that has a masculine nickname such as Charlotte (Charley). Just to have a sense of humor about everyone saying: "oooh three girls and no boys".

    Any suggestions would be welcome!

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    Some suggestions:
    Marion "Mari"
    Lucille "Lucy"
    Theresa "Tessa"
    Elizabeth (any Elizabeth nicknames - Ellie, Liz, Beth, Eliza, Lily, Bess)
    Justine "Jay" (this one covers your "haha we had a girl" without naming your child an actual boy name because you wanted/never had a boy)
    Claudette "Ettie"
    Clarissa "Clary"
    Amelia "Amy" "Melia" "Lia"

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    I wouldn't like to think my parents named/nicknamed me as a 'joke', no matter how innocent, no matter how pretty the name, it kinda taints the whole pure process.

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    I like previous poster's suggestion of Theresa with Tessa or Tess as a nn.

    other ideas:

    Marguerite - Maggie or Margo
    Penelope - Penny or Nell
    Vivian - Vivi

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    Mommy to Carter James born 09.03.2013


    Girls : Elsbeth Noelle, Carys Juliet, Melody Violet, Valentina Camille, Lila Gabrielle
    Boys: Ethan Paul, Landon Cole, Carter James, Jude Issac, Noah Vincent

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