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    Evelina or Julietta?

    So if we have a girl (we are finding out at birth), she will be either:
    Maria Evelina Grace
    Maria Julietta Grace

    I like Evelina and DH prefers Julietta. There are a couple reasons why this is a difficult choice. I picked Maria and Grace before I even met DH, thankfully he likes it but it makes me feel like I should concede the 1st middle choice to him since I chose the fn and 2nd middle. I'm having trouble doing this because first, I think Evelina has a prettier look and sound, meshes better with the other names, has a meaning that is special "wished for child" and is the name of an 1800's song that I find oh-so-lovely (Sweet Evelina). I also like the fact that it is Russian/Eastern European in origin. So many reasons to go with Evelina, but I feel like it would be special if he had the final say in that name since it would be his contribution. But as a name nerd I'm having a hard time accepting what I see as picking the lesser of the two.
    What do you think? Which would you choose and why?

    Thanks Berries!
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    I personally prefer Maria Julietta Grace only because I've always liked the name Juliet/Juliette. Julietta is a nice variant of these names.
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    Maria Evelina Grace - doesnt flow, the 'prettying up' of Evelyn by adding the -lina is weighing down this name. to fix this, go with Evelina Maria Grace instead
    Maria Julietta Grace - flows with no changes

    in both cases i say give your child a more interesting name than Maria for a first name since it is just so common, go with:

    Evelina Maria Grace
    Julietta Maria Grace

    even Grace Evelina/Julietta Maria is a better/less common first name

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    Julietta is the prettier choice, but if you liked Avalena (A-va-lay-na), I'd choose that. I dislike 'E' names usually.

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    Ah, both names are beautiful! But my vote is also for Maria Julietta Grace because it flows so well. Maria Evelina, while lovely, is a bit too rhyme-y for me.

    Also, I think Maria J.G. Lastname (or M.J.G.L) are prettier initials than Maria E.G. Lastname (M.E.G.L).

    Are there any variations of Julietta that are acceptable to DH and make you more excited?
    Maria Juliana Grace - sounds more similar to Evelina
    Maria Guilietta Grace - more exotic (Italian), and adorable G.G. initials

    All in all Julietta stands out as the better name to me, so I wouldn't feel bad conceding that to the DH. Good luck, dear!

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