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    Almost there! Cora Leigh vs Coralie?

    Cora Leigh vs Coralie +? and why? My middle name is Leigh but that doesn't necessarily make the first a definite... Whatcha think?

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    Coralie... simply because I like the aesthetics of this spelling better.

    As for a middle name with Coralie... maybe you could use a family name... or a name you liked on your list (that got negative reviews from others).

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    Coralie - its an actual name, there is no need to create a smoosh, hyphen, or double name from Cora Leigh since i assume Leigh would be the middle name yet you would call her 'Cora Leigh'.

    plus, if this is the case, people would never know the middle name Leigh should be included and she'd always get called Cora and have to correct people.

    now if you are debating between Coralie and Cora as first names with Leigh just as a normal silent middle name, Coralie STILL wins because its more elegant and still gives you the option to call her Cora.

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    Coralie! Because it's one of my favorite names. Gorgeous and classy.

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    They are quite different for me because in the UK Coralie tends to be pronounced as 'Corra-lee' rather than 'Cora-lee'. I prefer Coralie, but with the 'or' sound I prefer Cora alone.

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