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    From my name list

    I created a name list on here called Classic Boy, Unique Girls.

    I just wanted to put down these names for all of you here at Nameberry to see. I find the Nameberry site and people here a bit more open minded than other baby name sites so I feel best sharing this list with all of you.

    So here is the list:
    Classic Boy:
    Winston Bryce - When I came up with Reagan, it only took me a few months to decide I loved this name too. Winston Churchill one of the most long serving British Prime Ministers. This name carries a certain dignity, and I do love it. Bryce was one of the names I felt went well with Winston, and my husband had no objections.
    Gregory Cole - Gregory Cole is a good name, nothing much to say except with all the hoopla about George (and having two Uncle George's in my family its a fine name) I decided though to find something similar, and Gregory stood out to me and my husband.
    Marcus Elliot - Marcus is one of the bible names my husband liked, and Elliot is his Grandmother's maiden name.
    Arthur Shawn - This name may not sound as Regal as some other names on this list, but this name is a good one, with a hidden potential to be eye catching.
    Samuel Charles - Fell perfectly in love with it, from the moment I saw it on a suggestion board over at BabyCenter which happened to be today. Samuel Charles flows so well, and is such a nice boys name I can't ignore it.

    Unique Girls:
    Reagan Blair - Reagan has topped our list of girl names every single day since we came up with it. Blair was originally supposed to be a first name, but we decided we loved it so much, that for our first girl, Reagan Blair will probably just be the name.
    Nerys Claire - Nerys is a name of a star trek character yes, I am that geeky, but I love this name that means "Lady". I have always loved Claire as a name and the spelling, and it was an easy choice to pair Nerys and Claire together.
    Imogen Eve - This name is at once unique, and elegant, its a bit edgier then the other names. Imogen is a name that I can't pronounce like the British do, and please as much as I try, the way I pronounce the last part is "Jen" so that will just have to do as the pronunciation. Eve is a classic girls name, that softens this name when paired with our four syllable last name.
    Briar Lynn - A note on this name, Briar Rose is the first thing people think of when they hear the name Briar. I myself catch myself thinking of that as the middle name, but I wanted to shy away from that as the middle name so I chose Lynn, it compliments the name very well and I like it very much.
    Estelle Luz - This name means Star Light, Luz is my Grandmother's middle name, and Spanish in Origin. I wanted to fit it in somewhere, and fell perfectly in love with this name combination.

    For my favorites, I would have to say the names three names off each list that catch my eye the most are:
    Winston Bryce
    Gregory Cole
    Samuel Charles

    For girls:
    Reagan Blair
    Estelle Luz
    Nerys Claire / Imogen Eve - tied because I like both names very much

    So I guess I have a long ways to go to decide the proper name, but those are the names, and the list that I have. Hope you enjoy reading this. Sorry about it being so long.

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    Winston Bryce and Marcus Elliot are both really great! I like the others, but these two really caught my eye. I really love Reagan Blair for a girl. I knew a Reagan growing up and she was awesome! Estelle Luz is really lovely and the meaning/tradition ties with it are really great. Great list!
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