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    Simon, Henry, or something else?

    First off, I should probably mention that I'm naming a character rather than a baby.
    About two years ago I began the first draft of a novel, but after a while I put it on the back-burner and never really returned to it. However with my current project, I've taken quite a few aspects from that story and mixed it in with my current one, including one of the minor characters, who I have now turned into the protagonist.
    The main problem I'm having is naming him, something that I'm incredibly picky about. Originally he was known as Henry St Cloud, which is the perfect fit for his adult version, but now I'm considering the name Simon, which is perfect for his child version. The problem is, Henry doesn't suit his child version in the slightest, just like Simon doesn't him as an adult.
    So I'm handing it over to you guys- which do you prefer?
    a) Henry St Cloud
    b) Simon St Cloud
    c) Other (Feel free to list suggestions, so long as it remains old fashioned).
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    Harold St. Cloud?

    Simon seems formal for a child but then I have never any Simons.

    I think Henry has more universal appeal.

    Good Luck!

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    I prefer Henry, I think it works for a child or adult, but the ee sound reminds me a lot of Charlie St. Cloud... you know with Zac Efron.

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