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    Cool Name this prepster family!

    So, just give each family member a suitable name, according to how they are described!
    (First name and at least one middle name. Last name may be double-barrelled. )

    Mother: (45) She loves sailing, tennis, horses and pearls. Owns a vintage furniture store on the seafront. Has a blonde wavy bob and brown eyes.

    Father: (48) He loves golfing, sailing, fishing and the polo club. Wears bright clothes. Is a partner in a law firm. Has brown hair and blue eyes.

    Daughter #1: (15) Loves horses, sailing, piano and painting. Has brown hair and brown eyes. Wants to be a lawyer.

    Son #1: (13) Loves tennis, sailing and music. Has blonde hair, blue eyes, and freckles. Wants to be a professional tennis player.

    Daughter #2: (12) Loves tennis, horses, and art. Has blonde hair, brown eyes and freckles. Wants to be a vet.

    Son #2: (10) Loves sailing, swimming, fishing and horses. Has brown hair and blue eyes. Wants to be a marine biologist.

    Dog #1: (11) Golden retriever (male).
    Dog #2: (7) Black English cocker spaniel (female).

    Hope you had fun!

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