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    Sister for James, Bennett and Lucia

    I have a few weeks until my Last Baby arrives and we don't have a name. My oldest is James Ciaran, my middle is Bennett Jude and my little girl is Lucia Rose. James goes by James; the other two go by Ben and Lucy most of the time.

    My current favorites are Norah, Kate (but I'm not in love with Katherine), Mira and Evie (not in love with Evelyn though). The middle name will most likely be Jane. Moira is my middle name but there are already 5 people in my family with Moira in their names (big Irish Catholic family!) and I live in the South so no one will ever pronounce it correctly.

    Oh and my dog is Charlotte otherwise it would be a contender and our niece is Adaline.

    Suggestions, please! Thank you.

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    How about Evangeline or Genevieve to get Evie? I think Norah is stunning with the sibset as well!

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    Eva for Evie? Lucia, James, and Bennett are so complete and Evie sounds nicknamey in comparison. I'd suggest Eve, but with Jane as the middle, Eve Jane is pretty abrupt. You face the same challenge with Kate if you don't use Katherine (also, Katherine Jane is kind of bland...I mean it's classic and elegant, but very expected).

    Does it matter if people can't pronounce Moira if it's in the middle? People never say the middle name anyway. I mean Jane is a fine middle name but if you did decide to deal with Katherine for Kate, Katherine Moira is better than Katherine Jane to me. Or Kate Moira. Although is Rose a family middle? It seems a little weird to not give the firstborn the family name, unless Rose is a family name too....

    OK, so you like Charlotte, Kate, Evie, Adaline, Moira, Jane, Norah, Mira, and you have a James Ciaran, Bennett (Ben) Jude, and Lucia (Lucy) Rose (all lovely by the way!).

    First of all Mira Jane and Norah Jane are both nice (I prefer Nora spelling but whatever). Mira echoes Moira. Either would fit in pretty nicely.

    So let's run through these...I think you might like, and could have a...

    Adele Jane
    Alice Jane
    Aurora Jane
    Cora Jane
    Dora Jane
    Eleanor Jane nn Nora
    Edith Jane nn Edie
    Eva Jane nn Evie
    Flora Jane
    Isla Jane
    Ivy Jane
    Margaret Jane
    Mira Jane
    Norah Jane
    Vera Jane
    Violet Jane

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    Before I read your post, I completed the sibset mentally with Eliza, and after reading further-- Eliza Jane would work really well! Norah is my favorite out of your list (although I too like it with just an A ending). I like a lot of jesba's suggestions-- especially Eleanor Jane nn Nora. A few more possibilities:

    James, Bennett (Ben), Lucia (Lucy), and

    Avis Jane
    Clara Jane
    Fiona Jane
    Phoebe Jane
    Stella Jane

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    Thanks, everyone. Rose is my husband's grandmother and Jane is my lifelong best friend (may as well be a family name). We've tossed around Georgia and Frances too. My husband is more set on Margaret/Maggie but I feel very 'eh' about it.

    Love this board!

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