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    Twin Names!! Help Please!!

    Hi there, I am due in 2 weeks with boy/girl twins. I already have one daughter named Sophia Grace. Here are my choices for my twins:

    -Beau Elijah & Bella Evangeline

    -Nicole Allyson & Nicholas Alexander

    -Kennedy Rose & Kenneth Rory

    -Alek Darrow & Keyla Delaney

    I accept suggestions. Thanks! :-)

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    I like Alek and Keyla the best, although I prefer the spellings Alec and Kayla with Sophia. I think the other ones are too similar for twins. Esp. Nicole and Nicholas. I think it's better if the babies have names that sound nice together, but still let them be individuals. Based on your middle name picks what about Elijah and Delaney? Even Evangeline and Elijah would be similar, but nice.

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    out of your choices I like Beau and Bella

    how about...

    Lucie Rue and Lane Radley
    Violet Elle and Victor Elijah ( could be victor and victoria, but Im not sure how similar you want the names to be)
    Kylie Anne and Kai Abraham
    Georgia Liv and Gregory Liam (again, could be George, but strong similarity)
    Brooklyn Jade and Bru Jackson ( similarity thing...could be Brooks)
    Mieke Elle (prn Meeka) and Michael Evan
    Ivy Claire and Ian Caius
    Harriet Willa and Harrison Wesley
    Madison Cara and Maddox Carter
    Adelaide Jaclyn and Addison Jack
    Daenerys Clarice and Daniel Clark
    Oliver Cole and Olivia Cora (could be Alivia if spelling is too similar or simply Liv)
    Sally Shae and Sacha Seamus
    Shae Carol and Seamus Carter
    Mila Liviana and Micah Leroy

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    I like Beau and Bella.

    I love the name Beau and I like that they're the male and female version of each other.

    Beau and Arabella might make it less matchy
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    I like Evangeline Rose and Nicholas Alexander. Twins already get lumped together incessantly--it's better if they get a chance to have their own identities without the matchy names. Best wishes!

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