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  • Lev (pronounced like lev in level)

    17 48.57%
  • Liev (pronounced lee-ev)

    18 51.43%
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    Thoughts on Lev and Liev?

    What are your thoughts on Lev and Liev? I like the simple spelling of both names, but pronunciation wise we might run into some trouble with Liev. Husband and his family are Jewish and we live in an area with a very present Jewish population so Liev, pronounced Lee-ev, is unlikely to get mispronounced around here. I'm thinking long term though if our child were to move he would run into a lot of annoyance with Liev. I like Lev, pronounced Lehv as in level, but I like Liev a tad more. Husband and I like Ari as well, but it's very popular around here and there are surprisingly no Lev's or Liev's that we know of, so it's a little uncommon.

    Which do you prefer and why?

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    Well, I would've had a Liev if I didn't have a Leonie, so it's safe to say that I love it! My husband & his family pronounce both names more similarly than I do in my American accent (they're Russian) but I like the Liev spelling more cause it feels more complete to me and I like the way I say it more. I also think since a fairly famous actor in the US has this name it's more well-known and being from Brooklyn and now NJ where plenty of people are familiar with Jewish names, in my community it is easily pronounced. I don't think a Liev or a Lev should have much trouble. Great choice!

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    Lev or Liev?

    Lev is a wonderful name that has strength, simplicity and is easy to pronounce even if you haven't seen it before.

    Liev is also wonderful but eventually you are going to have to tell people "Lee-ev, not Leave."
    Personally I lean towards Lev, though it has nothing to do with worrying about correcting anyone. I just like Lev (I love Zev, too. Maybe its the sound?)

    I LOVE the name Ari and know a few. The meaning "lion" is great. If you moved to a different area, Ari would be much more unusual. If it matters to you, Ari is ranked 435 in the US and Lev is not in the top 1000.

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    Liev... simply because it's a more familiar name courtesy Liev Schreiber.

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    I don't really like either, I prefer Levi to both.

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