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    Devlin: Not as nice as Damon, Dylan, Declan, or Damien to me.
    Devlynn: Astoundingly unattractive to me, but I hate -lynn as a suffix.

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    Quote Originally Posted by catloverd View Post
    Devlin is okay on a boy, but it reminds me of "Devil"

    Devlynn on a girl just looks trendy/tacky, especially with the incorrect spelling
    This is exactly what I thought.
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    Like the pp I'm not keen on Devlynn, but perhaps you would like Dervla as an alternative?

    Dervla is an anglicised version of the Irish name Deirbhile, a 6th-Century saint. Either means 'daughter of a poet' or 'daughter of Ireland'. My inclination would be to pronounce it Derv-la, but I don't know whether that is correct.
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    concur with others, the girl version is tacky and looks like you are trying too hard

    Devlin tries to be better than Devin but it never gets there.

    plus Devlin reminds me of a spy/secret agent boss from a tv show or movie i cant remember, something like Alias.

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    He's going to get in trouble at school a lot. Especially if he attends Catholic school.

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