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Thread: Deanna

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    agree Deanna B]very [/B]dated

    prefer Dinah, its fresher.

    or Diana, Dawn, Devon

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    Dinah/Dawn feels dated to me.

    Diana - is unuseable due to the english royal family I also like Diane as a middle name after my aunt. - Devon is ok but I live near a place called Devon so i'm affraid thats out.

    Deanna - people have said my daughter Amy's name is dated.

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    Just wanted to chip in and say that you mentioned Deanna Ruby Ann and other Deanna....Ann names, but since Deanna already has "ann" in it, those names are kind of redundant.

    You also mentioned Deanna Rose Marie, which I LOVE- but why not just go for Deanna Rosemarie?
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    It's a '70's -early '80's name, and not a good one. It's just the letter D (spelled out like a word) plus Anna, which is boring anyway, but still classic/middle name material. I don't get the appeal.

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    The only reason why I like Deanna is because it has Ann in it which is my boyfriends mum's middle name. I never thought about the Ann until you said. I like Deanna Ruby May also. - Rose Marie is 2 words because if we used it and the girl is 2nd or 3rd born then she will have 2 middles due to a family tradition.

    Other Names I'v come up with:- Deanna Grace, Deanna May, Deanna Rose, Deanna Rose Marie, Deanna Lavender Marie, Deanna Violet May/Marie, Deanna Bronwyn Rose, Deanna Pearl Rose, Deanna Daisy-Kate, Deanna Ruby May, Deanna Kestrel Daisy.

    thank you rkrd - see above for explination.

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