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    Struggling to find 'the one' for 3rd please!

    Hi, I am new to the berries but I have spent hours upon hours, days upon days, reading through your posts and forums looking for devine inspiration to name our devine 3rd son. I have b/b twins Philip Isaac & Devon James & absolutely love their names!!!. Philip very traditional but not popular, DH's choice, and Devon a little unique & uncommon, my choice. We like that both their names are 2 syllables and have nice nn Phil & Dev for when they grow up. I'm really struggling now to name our 3rd son in less than 2yrs! I am looking for 1 or 2 syllable as we have a 3 syllable '' ending surname, and a name that works well with our sibset.

    James is a name I love & an important name in my family history, although I worry about it being too common but would be a safe choice given how confused I currently am!... I like James Daniel (nn JD)

    I don't mind traditional or less-so as we already have 1 of each. I don't like 'trendy'. I would like a name that sounds equally strong next to his older twin brothers too.

    Other names I like:
    Daniel (not sure of the D-D sibset?)

    I generally like names that start with letters in the first half of the alphabet A-M.

    I'm pretty stuck, confused & stressed, would really appreciate your help, advice please! :-|.

    I also really like William, Luke & Lucas which we can't use as other family/friends already have.

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