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    It was actually already suggested, but the very first name I thought of was Marshall. Phillip, Devon and Marshall.. love it. I like the idea of all three names having different first initials and different endings. And paired with a strong simple middle name would make it even better, ie: Marshall John. The nickname Marty is a very cool nickname that he can grow with as he gets older, right along with Phil and Dev I don't know if it would bother you having his nickname with more than one syllable, but I think Phil, Dev and Marty are awesome together!

    Another name I am loving lately is Leland (pronounced LEE-LAND). Nickname Lee is handsome as well, and though Leland may be much less common than your other sons' names, Phil Dev & Lee make quite a trio. Good luck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mom3 View Post
    Its funny you say Oliver as we too have always thought it sits well with P&D but the name itself is very popular where we live (in top 5) and it has failed to grow on me. Kalen is not really my style. Prefer Caleb. Thanks
    I just never really liked Oliver, Olive or Olivia.
    I understand where you were originally going with the names as Arlo and Lincoln (from your first post) sit well with P&D, in the same way Oliver does.
    Well congratulations and best of luck to you and your family

    Still throwing out 'k' 'l' name just in case: Colin, Colm (Malcolm).
    Don't have to even like them... just food for thought.

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    James Daniel is very nice. Daniel is one of my sons middle names and I think it flows well with most names.
    Greyson Daniel
    Joseph Daniel
    Caleb Daniel

    It's a shame you can't use William its a great name, how about for a middle name ?
    James William ?
    Name favorites :

    Alana, Scarlett, Alexandria, Annalise, Gianna, Marcella, Kayla, Arabella, Julianna, Anastasia, Jovanna

    Cole, William, Samuel, Caleb, Rylan, Roman, Grayson, Jackson, Joseph, Caden, Christian, Joshua

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    Thanks all for your feedback. The process is slowly moving along. With your guidance & our instinct we are getting very near! :-). There's so many reasons & justifications for each name its often impossible to write down in a post like this which is what I've been trying to process behind the scenes in tandem with your opinions so thank you berries.

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