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    Lightbulb My Name List - 7/29/13

    Ava Madeline (Madeline is pronounced Mad-uh-line, NOT Mad-uh-lynn.)

    Emerson (for a girl. Needs 1-syllable a middle name, like Ruby for example. Nickname would be Emme (pronounced M, then E.)

    Alivia (Like Olivia, but with an A. Nickname would be Ali. Also needs a middle name.)

    Aubrey (Needs a middle name and nickname options.)

    Ariana (pronounced Are-ee-on-uh, NOT Are-ee-anne-uh. Nickname would be Ari. Needs a middle name.)

    Adalyn (nickname would be Addie. Pronounced Add-uh-lynn. Needs middle name suggestions.)


    Easton Malachi
    Roman (middle name suggestions please.)

    Other names (that I like, but don't love yet.)
    Amelia (middle names please!)
    Phoebe (middle name suggestions please!)
    Rowan (for a girl. Middle names please.)
    Keeva (middles please)
    Keely (middles please)
    Clementine (nickname Emme, pronounced like M, then E. Middle names please.
    Penelope (middles please.)

    *****Opinions, suggestions, whatever you think would help. Thanks. :-)

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