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Thread: Hamish?

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    Hamish is my favourite boy's name, and I didn't think of the Hunger Games at all until you spelled it out for me. And this is coming from someone who's read all the books!

    It would also never occur to me to pronounce it anything other than "HAY-mish", but as a pp said it's a very Scottish name, so it's familiar where I'm from. Because of this I was not aware of any 'ham/piggy' connotation until using it on the Nameberry forums, but I know it's not a popular name on these boards. I honestly don't think the pronounciation thing would be that much of an issue. It's a pretty easy name to remember, so after being corrected the first time I think people would get it.
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    Yes, I know the pronunciation is hay-mish. But I also know that an 8 year old boy in California who sees that the new kids name is Hamish, isn't going to think of Scotland or of hay, he's going to think of ham--and purposely mispronounce it. Just sayin. It's like a kid named Randy being teased in Britain, whereas it doesn't have the same connotation in the US, so it wouldn't be an issue.
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    I do think of Hunger Games now when I see the name Hamish.
    I read the books so I know its spelled differently, but for folks why have only seen the movies?

    I think the hype from the series will fade away in a few years and it won't be an issue.
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    I saw Hunger Games...haven't read the books, but did not make the association with the movie. Hamish, while uncommon where I live, is familiar. It's been around for a long time. I've never thought of ham either. I think most people know it's pronounced hay-mish. I like it!

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    I thought of the hunger games. I have only read one book and didn't remember how the character's name is spelled. If people do have that association, it will fade over time - esp. when they meet a living, breathing Hamish.

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