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Thread: Hamish?

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    I mentioned to my sister that i liked Hamish for a boy and she said "what, like the guy on Hunger Games?"

    Well everyone make that connection? I've only read the first book in the series, but i believe his name was actually Haymitch. It's very close, will people automatically link the two?
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    I've read all the books and didn't think of Haymitch at all. As he's not one of the leads, I doubt a lot of people will immediately think of the character. My initial reaction was that it sounds very Scottish and that my mom used to watch a detective show called Hamish MacBeth.
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    Just sounds like an older Irish or Welsh guy to me (I don't know the specific origin of the name). It's ok...I prefer Seamus, I think.

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    I think you'll have a lot more people thinking of ham. Unless you're in a country where Hamish is more common, I see there being a lot of teasing potential with things like "Piggy".
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    In Australia the pronunciation of Hamish is not with the ham sound. It is also a fairly common name here too. I have never heard the "piggy" nickname associated with this name - and I have known a few Hamish-es in my time. It has a more HAY-MISH sound to it. I definitely did not associate it to Hunger Games either. I really like this name - probably associated with the fact that all the Hamish-es I have met have all been cool, quite sexy guys!
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