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    Thoughts on Mitzi?

    My husband and I both love Mitzi, but it doesn't seem like anyone else does.
    I keep hearing that it's a poodles/cats name, or just too cutesy.

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    I have positive associations with the name Mitzi because I know a middle-aged woman who wears it well. She is respectable, educated, and successful in her career, so her name has apparently not held her back as many Nameberries fear cutesy names will do. She is eccentric but not crazy; her home and clothing style is vibrant and colorful, and she is very upbeat and friendly; hence when I hear Mitzi, I picture a vibrant and cheerful person. It is an absolutely adorable, cutesy name, so it works perfectly on a child, but in my experience it works well on an adult too.

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    Sorry, but I am not a fan. I have a bad personal association with the name (horrid librarian at my school) and it makes me think of mitzvahs, not that that's a bad thing. Also, I think the biggest drawback is the teasing potential if she has bad skin as a tween/teen. Zitsy Mitzi? No thanks.

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    Sorry, but I think of a poodle. But most such associations fall away when there's a stronger image to replace them (such as a beautiful little child). I wouldn't use it, but I wouldn't object to anyone else doing so.

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    Umm NO!!!!!!! GROSS

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