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    Girl names from the Playground

    Little Man and I heard an interesting range of names at the play place today so I though I'd pass them along. I'm always interested to see what names are really being used outside of nameberry and these are a good range.

    Emma & Danika (sisters)
    Georgia & Marigold (sisters)
    Amaya & Anaya (twins)

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    I think they are all ok. Emma and Danika are nice for sisters but they feel like a different style to me. Amaya and Anaya are far too close for twins.

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    Ahh, Anna and Hannah, we have an Anna, Hannah, Annika, and Arianna in the preschool room at work. Imagine calling those names
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    Amaya and Anaya are fine on their own, but I hate them together. Way too matchy.

    Georgia and Marigold sound awesome together though!!!

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    I met some little kids while at a park about a year ago. They were Amity and Tierney. Really cute kids!
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