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    Lightbulb I need the "experts" on this one!!

    Hi Berries! Helping out a friend who is in the process of adopting a newborn. They could have a baby any day now and they are STUCK for girl’s names! If it’s a boy, they’ve chosen C@mden Bl@ine or C@mden Nol@n.

    Naming Style: “Nothing weird or overused. A little bit different but classy.” Basically, recognizable, but not so popular that she’ll end up “Ella L” in Kindergarten. Last name starts with L, ends with S, and is 2 syllables.

    Mom likes proper, elegant, old fashioned, English/dutchess names. She is a fan of “M” names. She also likes double-barrel names, but nothing too “country”. Dad likes “All American girl”, familiar, not “snooty or stuffy like Eliza”.

    Agreed Upon Potential Names: Audrey (although Dad is on the fence), K@tie Lynn (double name; not sure it's "the one")

    Mom Likes: Audrey, Michelle, Carmen, Mackenna, Mila, Halle, Macy
    Dad Likes: Beth, Bailey, Sadie, Teagan, Audrey (sometimes)

    Vetoed by Mom or Dad: Eliza, Madeline, Beth, Bailey, Sadie, Teagan, Caroline, Misha, Jordan, Tyler, Madison, Madeleine, Blake, Hayden, Kaitlyn, Hannah, ‘all bible names’, ‘80’s names’ (Jennifer, Tiffany, Stephanie, etc), Alicia, Ann, “anything that ends with L or S or ley”

    Not a Fan: Charlotte, Alice, Eleanor, Adelaide, Nora, Clara, Beatrice, Isabel, ‘anything starting with L’, Paisley, Avery, Taylor, Suzannah, Josephine, Johannah, Myla, Kailyn, Alana, “big city names” (Phoenix, Dallas, etc), “Julie” names, “Abby” names, “Gabby” names, “Addy” names, "Ellie" names, Alyssa, Aubrey, Heidi, Adrienne, Audriana, Ava, Emerson, Emery, Ellery, Moira, Marcy, Blakesley, Emmeline

    Like but can’t use: Presley, Kendall, Kinsley, Savannah, Jocelyn, Jessa, Maya, Ella, Esme, Ariel, Phoenix

    ***Most of the “Not a Fan” names were suggested by me and vetoed. I am out of ideas! Please throw some fresh names at me so I can pass them along. Thanks in advance

    ~*Mira*~ 

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