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    Need help with a two middle name combo. Please help!!

    We are set on the first name Lyra and one of the middle names being Ann. Ann is my middle name, my mother's middle name and my grandmothers middle name. However, my husband and I feel Lyra Ann is way too short. It needs a little something more. Please help?? Any suggestions would be greatly welcomed and appreciated.

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    I agree that Lyra Ann is a bit abrupt--I also thing the back-to-back A's sound a little awkward, so since you're going to use an additional middle I'd put it between Lyra and Ann.

    It would be easier to recommend middles if we had some idea of your style. What are some other girls' names you like/are considering for middles?

    Here are some random combos:

    Lyra Louise Ann
    Lyra Beatrice Ann
    Lyra Mary Ann
    Lyra Ann Isabel
    Lyra Ann Aurora
    Lyra Ann Estelle
    g w e n

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    I like Lyra Beatrice Ann and Lyra Ann Aurora(though that's a lot of A's). Some alternates we've considered are Penelope Ann, Cordelia Ann, Matilda Ann, Cecily Ann and Daphne Ann. Thanks for commenting!!

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    I think the combo works best with a lengthier name in the middle, followed by Ann. A few ideas:

    Lyra Cecily Ann
    Lyra Eleanor Ann
    Lyra Elizabeth Ann
    Lyra Evelyn Ann
    Lyra Felicity Ann
    Lyra Madeleine Ann
    Lyra Margaret Ann
    Lyra Penelope Ann
    Lyra Scarlett Ann

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