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    Smile Please Help Us Choose!!

    We've narrowed it down, and need opinions please!! (This is SO hard to make a final choice!!! Never had such a hard time with our other kids!)

    Grace Violet

    Grace Caroline

    Caroline Lucy

    Caroline Claire

    If you would, please number your choices #1-4 ~ Thanks
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    I actually like them in the order listed! Ha : D. Not a bad one there though. Although I like Caroline Claire the least, it's still a perfectly fine name.

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    Aww-- these are nice names! I admit to more than a little bias though as my nn is Luci and my sissy is Caroline. So yes, my picks are as follows

    1. Caroline Lucy
    2. Grace Caroline
    3. Grace Violet
    4. Caroline Claire

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    I like:

    1. Caroline Claire.
    2. Grace Violet
    3. Grace Caroline.
    4. Caroline Lucy

    I'd like Caroline Violet more than the last two, but I know it's not an option.

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