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    Test in the morning! I'm getting excited over here, we could be pregnancy buddies ! Is your period usually super accurate? Mine sometime showed up a day early or late... But if you're not pregnant I suggest you two take a few days off work the next time you ovulate and get to some serious business...
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    I would pick up a test today and take it first thing tomorrow morning. Good luck!

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    Picked up a test a little while ago!

    @ott- my period is dead on every time it's the same process every time. I always spot the day before then full blown AF the next day with bad cramps. I keep feeling these dull cramps and lower back pain. So far nothing has showed up yet today. Only white discharge. I'm keeping my fingers tightly crossed. If it shows I will be bummed out but there is always next month. And I'm definitely getting a kit then well get down to business lol
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    Keeping my fingers crossed for you!

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    With a home test definitely make sure you test with your first-pee-of-the-day, before you have anything to eat or drink. If you test later in the day you will probably get a negative result early in your pregnancy.
    At the doctor's office their tests are more sensitive, you could always go into the clinic and get tested there later in the day.
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