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    Post My list keeps growing..& changing

    My list keeps growing & changing!! I've included the popularity ranking & also the meaning of each name. I am listing my current tops for girls & boys. Surname, as most of you know is "Wright", any comments/combos/suggestions are welcome!!!


    Aubrey/Aubree #15
    -elf ruler

    Tessa #235
    -to gather

    Fiona #209
    -white, fair

    Norah #210

    Livia #739

    Keira #190
    -black, dark

    Josephine (Josie, Jo) #160
    -god will increase

    Arianna (Aria) #49
    -most holy

    Vanessa (Ness) #122

    Aliza #877

    Eliette (pronounced like Juliette)
    -god has answered

    Emmalyn #505

    Abigail #7
    -my father is joyful

    Zariah #472



    Liam #6

    Elijah (Eli)#13
    -Jehovah is God

    Oliver (Ollie) #73
    -olive tree

    Felix #316
    -happy, fortunate

    Maxwell (Max)#116
    -great stream

    Caleb #32
    -devotion to God

    Connor #59
    -lover of hounds

    Jonah #131

    Damian #97
    -to tame

    Nathaniel (Nate)#84
    -gift of God

    Sullivan #490
    -black eyed one
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    Great list!! My favorites are:

    Mom to furbaby lab mix Gideon and our infertility miracle S D ❤

    Joanna, Irene, Carys, Eliana, Josephine, Caroline, Miriam, Isla
    Spencer, Raymond, Ezekiel, Alastair, Reuben, Titus, Theodore, Silas

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    Aubrey -- love this name, but really don't like the Aubree spelling
    Tessa -- like
    Fiona -- like
    Norah -- like, but might be a better option as a nn
    Livia -- like it, but always looks incomplete to me, like someone had a typo writing Olivia
    Keira -- okay, but I prefer the original Irish Ciara
    Josephine (Josie, Jo) -- okay; nn Josie is cute
    Arianna (Aria) -- meh
    Vanessa (Ness) -- meh
    Aliza -- interesting, but I think most people would pronounce it incorrectly
    Eliette (pronounced like Juliette) -- interesting, but I've never heard it before and can't seem to find it anywhere
    Emmalyn -- really like this name, but I much prefer the Emmeline spelling
    Abigail -- okay

    Liam -- like, but I prefer a longer name with the nn Liam, it seems much more versatile that way
    Elijah (Eli) -- like
    Oliver (Ollie) -- like, but seems like it's becoming pretty popular
    Felix -- like
    Maxwell (Max) -- okay; seems a little unisex
    Caleb -- okay
    Connor -- love this name, but so overused, and the meaning doesn't really do anything for me
    Jonah -- okay
    Damian -- meh
    Nathaniel (Nate) -- meh
    Sullivan -- not a fan of this one, as it seems to be becoming unisex
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    Aubrey -- this name is ok, but I really don't like it spelled Aubree.
    Tessa -- ok
    Fiona -- LOVE so sweet and yet totally spunky
    Norah -- love the name, but like it better without the h- Nora
    Livia -- ditto pp
    Keira -- like the name, and this spelling as well. I like Ciara as well. I know they're both forms of the same name, but idk if most people would pronounce them both the same way?
    Josephine (Josie, Jo) -- Josephine itself is just okay, but I adore Josie
    Arianna (Aria) -- beautiful name, and I LOVE Aria or even just Ari for a nn.
    Vanessa (Ness) -- meh
    Aliza -- okay, but is it pronounced uh-LIZE-uh or uh-LEEZ-uh? My first response was uh-LEEZ-uh
    Eliette (pronounced like Juliette) -- interesting, but too similar to Elliot (makes it seem like a weird Elliot spelling). I love Juliet/Juliette though!
    Emmalyn -- LOVE Emmeline, not so much Emmalyn
    Abigail -- like this name

    Liam -- I really love this name! although, I am partial to William nn Liam
    Elijah (Eli) -- like it a lot
    Oliver (Ollie) -- like it a lot
    Felix -- just ok
    Maxwell (Max) -- my favorite Max name
    Caleb -- love
    Connor -- love this name
    Jonah -- okay
    Damian -- don't like it at all
    Nathaniel (Nate) -- LOVE
    Sullivan -- an ok name, but all I can think of is Sully from Monsters Inc. And i don't care for the unisex factor here. More of a middle than a first name.

    Fiona Emmeline
    Fiona Aubrey
    Fiona Vanessa
    Keira Emmeline
    Keira Josephine
    Nora Josephine
    Nora Abigail
    Nora Juliet
    Emmeline Aubrey
    Emmeline Tessa
    Emmeline Abigail
    Arianna Tess
    Arianna Juliet

    William Felix
    William Jonah
    William Connor
    Liam Elijah
    Liam Maxwell
    Nathaniel Felix
    Jonah Sullivan
    Caleb Nathaniel
    Oliver Caleb
    Catherine Zelie | Jude Francis
    Elanor Magdalene | Finnian ??
    Rosemary Lark | Calder Timothy
    Genevieve ?? | William Augustine
    Agnes Valentine | Harrison Peter

    Lucy ~ Fiona ~ Leia ~ Jane ~ Edith ~ Primrose ~ Gail ~ Gloria
    Elizabeth ~ Therese ~ Maisy ~ Susannah ~ Molly ~ Juniper

    August ~ Harrison ~ Benedict ~ Andrew/Ander ~ Ignatius
    Peter ~ Percival/Percy ~ Bram ~ Lewis ~ Oliver ~ Calvin

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    Your last name makes things a little tricky with a lot of your faves. Nora and Aubree are a bit of a tongue twister with Wright.

    My favourite girls name for you would be Josephine Abigail or Josephine Olivia

    My favourite boys name for you would be Jonah Felix or Felix Jonah
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