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    I can't wait to be able to answer this question!!!

    I'm white, but with olive skin thanks to a spanish great-great grandmother. Wavy dark brown hair & hazel eyes.

    Hubby is white, brown hair (though he was white-blonde when he was little) & blue eyes...

    In a perfect world - Dom will have my dark brown hair & olive skin & hubby's blue eyes But honestly, who cares, he'll be the best looking kid in the world to me no matter what!
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    I am so curious about what this little one is going to look like.

    Josiah looks so much like Jonathan. Stella looks a lot like him, but like her mother too. Emma looks almost exactly like her mother.
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    My daughter doesn't look like me almost at all - she is brunette with blue-green eyes like my husband (I am natural dark blonde with light brown eyes). She's got his cheekbones and his chin, but my eyebrows and my ears. Her hands, fingers and nail are similar to mine too. She is rather a big girl and I am short and always been the smallest in the classroom.
    My son is only 5 months now, but he seems to be rather a big baby too. His hair are like mine and his face is more round than my husband's (I am a bit round-faced). Sometimes he reminds me my mother and my younger sister when she was young. It's hard to tell who does he looks like now, but when he was born he was a mini-me .
    I am really curious who would baby no 3 look alike!
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    I have very dark brown, curly hair, light hazel eyes, warm but fair skin tone. Hubs is cool/pale skin, bright blue eyes, blonde. His side of the family tends to blue eyes and light hair, mine tends to dark hair, eyes, and warm skin tones (we are French/Romanian/German, they are Dutch/Irish). No clue what this boy will look like, but I have a feeling he's gonna look just like daddy. Only ten weeks to go till we find out!!!
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    My husband and I look alike - so Azula looks like a perfect little blend of both of us.
    Corey and I are both quite slender/petite with heart shaped faces, fair skin, blue eyes... We both had blonde hair as babies and for both of us it has darkened over time (his is now ashy brown & mine is more auburn).
    I am short where Corey is average to tall, and although Azula is super petite (15 months and still in some 9 month stuff) she is quite long & has long fingers and toes so I think she'll end up being tall & willowy like Corey. She has his eyelashes too, long thick gorgeous lashes that I adore.
    Her personality is a little more like mine, she is very loud & dramatic, temperamental, and she absolutely loves music (she dances like I do too).
    There are times she will look like one of us more than the other (usually when she is doing some crazy facial expression or something) but usually you can't really tell who she looks more like.
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