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    My daughter is only 6 weeks old, so it's hard to tell. At birth, she looked exactly like her dad, but I'm starting to see some of my traits (I think she has my eyebrows). He's a pretty dark skinned Hispanic, and I have light olive skin, so it'll be interesting to see what her skin tone will be. I'm predicting somewhere in the middle.
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    Both of my children's faces are very similar to my husband. But they have my blue eyes and blonde hair like my mother. Both of my kids look alike.
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    I am very excited to find out in December! My brothers and I all got my dad's dark, Italian features: dark brown hair, dark brown eyes. But we all also got my mom's Dutch height. My husband is very Dutch looking with his height, dirty-blonde hair and gorgeous blue eyes, as are his 2 sisters (they all look like Dutch models). So I would be thrilled if Baby Girl is a good combination of our traits or if she looks just like her daddy's side. I think that would be the most beautiful! We are super excited to find out

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    I am the lightest skinned person in my Italian American family and the "random redhead" who was teased that I was secretly adopted and my husband is olive skin, brown eyes, brown hair white guy...yet my daughter, at 1.5 so it could change, is blond & blue- eyed. I figured the darker features are stronger genes, but I guess sometimes it's not true. My daughter has very straight hair and her big blue eyes are her most prominent feature. She looks more like me than my husband, but I see a lot him in her face shape and dare-devil personality! Also, she is very petite for her age and I am very petite as well.

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    My older one, Bridger looks a lot like my husband. He even talks and walks the exact same way! It`s so weird looking at them. They`re like twins who are different sizes and ages.
    The younger one, Avery is a great mix of the two of us. People say he looks like me, but when they see my husband, they say Avery looks like him.
    I can`t wait to find out what our third one will look like.
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