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  • Elizabeth

    13 22.81%
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    Corinne, Audrey, Camille, Elizabeth

    Hi! We are still struggling with names. Each one Camille, Audrey, Elizabeth and Corinne has its positives and negatives.

    Camille - Great nickname options (nn Mila, Cami), but Camila is in the top ten where I live. Not sure about the ending -meel sound either. A bit whiny?
    Audrey - Love the way it sounds, but Aubrey when combined with Audrey is in the top ten as well. I am afraid she will always be correcting people that her name is Audrey, not Aubrey. No nickname either.
    Elizabeth - Strong yet feminine but really popular. Lots of nickname options though. Kinda boring?
    Corinne - Love the nn Cora, but not sure about Corinne. I would go just Cora, but my husband finds it too masculine and prefers Corinne though he doesn't love it. Definitely prefer the -in ending versus the -een.

    Any help is deciding is greatly appreciated!
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