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  • Audrey

    13 22.81%
  • Camille

    16 28.07%
  • Corinne

    15 26.32%
  • Elizabeth

    13 22.81%
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    Corinne, Audrey, Camille, Elizabeth

    Hi! We are still struggling with names. Each one Camille, Audrey, Elizabeth and Corinne has its positives and negatives.

    Camille - Great nickname options (nn Mila, Cami), but Camila is in the top ten where I live. Not sure about the ending -meel sound either. A bit whiny?
    Audrey - Love the way it sounds, but Aubrey when combined with Audrey is in the top ten as well. I am afraid she will always be correcting people that her name is Audrey, not Aubrey. No nickname either.
    Elizabeth - Strong yet feminine but really popular. Lots of nickname options though. Kinda boring?
    Corinne - Love the nn Cora, but not sure about Corinne. I would go just Cora, but my husband finds it too masculine and prefers Corinne though he doesn't love it. Definitely prefer the -in ending versus the -een.

    Any help is deciding is greatly appreciated!
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    These are all gorgeous names! I voted Camille. It is one of my favorites! You can't go wrong either way.

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    Elizabeth is a superb name--love the many nn options. Eliza's my favorite. I haven't met little-bitty Elizabeths for a few years, so I don't find it boring.

    I've only ever seen Corinne with one R / two Ns and heard it as Cor-RIN. (Never heard Cor-EEN.) I love it--classic, a little unexpected in my neighborhood, very feminine. It got my vote.

    I like Audrey and Camille as well.

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    Even though I love Camille, Audrey, and Elizabeth, it sounds like your biggest concern is popularity, in which case Corrine looks like the best option. However, I agree that Corrine isn't my favorite, even though I love the nn Cora.

    What do you think of these names that could also have the nn Cora?

    If you do end up using Corrine, I just wanted to make sure you know that the spelling Corinne is the more authentic one, if that's something you care about.

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    Elizabeth - I voted for she Never boring! So many fab nickname choices and it'll never be dated. Can't go wrong with a little Lizzie. Or Libby. Or Liz, Liza, Beth, Zabby, Izzy, Eli, Ellie...
    Camille - I like very much. Not whiney at all, very pretty and I do like the nn Cam!
    Audrey - Meh. It seems like such a drab, background kind of name. Nothing lively about it. Perhaps I feel this way becuase it's still dated on this side of the pond. Or perhaps because the 'aud' sound is quite blunt and dull to my ears.
    Corinne - This would be #1 if pronounced with the -een ending. I never knew it was pronounced differently until the other day! I used to really like the name but the COR-in pronunciation makes me think of 'coffin' now :/

    They're all essentially good names. Good luck with whichever you choose

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