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Thread: Oui ou Non?

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    Adelaide – Yes, it seems right on track with the Ad-names that are popular, without actually being trendy or popular
    Agatha – No, while a lot of nameberry finds old lady comeback names cute, the real world appreciates them a LOT less. Besides that, the sounds are not cute or feminine on a little girl
    Antonia – Yes, not my style, but nothing wrong with it
    Athena – Yes
    Augusta – No, harsh and ugly sounds
    Averina – No, looks made up and trendy
    Azalea – Yes
    Bronte – No, too harsh as a first
    Cecilia – No, I only think of celiac disease when I here Celia type names
    Clementine – No, this sounds like a joke to me. Plus “Clem” only makes me think of “Clammy” or “Phlegm”. Yick
    Cressida – Yes
    Edith – No, See Agatha
    Eleanor – Yes, though I’m getting a bit sick of Elle names
    Evangeline – Yes
    Florence – No, See Agatha/Edith, HOWEVER, I’m more on the fence about this one. Maybe cause I have heard this on children recently and it worked, while the other’s did not.
    Genevieve – Yes
    Georgiana – No, sounds like it’s trying a bit too hard
    Honoria – No
    Isadora – Yes
    Jessamine – Yes
    Lillian – Yes, but you have a lot more interesting options on this list
    Louisa – Yes
    Lucinda – Yes
    Margaret – Yes
    Marie – No, a bit boring
    Martha – No, uninteresting
    Millicent – No, See Agatha
    Nerissa – No, a bit much
    Ophelia – Yes
    Ottilie – Yes
    Rowena – No, filled with uglier sounds
    Roxanne – No, too harsh
    Sylvia – Yes
    Tabitha – Yes
    Tallulah – No, trying to hard
    Vivienne - Yes

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    Adelaide Y- cute!
    Agatha N- reminds me of Agatha Trunchbull from Matilda
    Antonia N- Just not my style
    Athena Y- but only as a middle
    Augusta N- not such a big fan of place names
    Averina N- too confusing. I don't really know how to say it. Kind of looks like a smushed up name
    Azalea- Y- again, only as a middle
    Bronte N- Seems to masculine for a girl
    Cecilia Y- pretty!
    Clementine N- not my style
    Cressida N- not my style
    Edith Y- cute!
    Eleanor Y- FAVE!!!
    Evangeline Y- pretty!
    Florence N- Florence and the Machine is a pretty popular band at the moment
    Genevieve N- not my style
    Georgiana N- I would prefer just "Georgia"
    Honoria N- when I say it out loud it sounds like a disease... sorry
    Isadora Y-pretty
    Jessamine N- too combination for me
    Lillian Y- LOVE!
    Louisa Y- LOVE!
    Lucinda N- reminds of me of Lucinda from Ella Enchanter
    Margaret Y- I love it. Especially for all its nickname options
    Marie Y- Love seeing Marie in the FN spot!
    Martha N- Not my style
    Millicent N- Not my style
    Nerissa N- Not my style
    Ophelia Y- LOVE LOVE LOVE!
    Ottilie Y- I like it
    Rowena N- Would prefer Rowan
    Roxanne N- Red light...
    Sylvia N- Not my style
    Tabitha N- Not my style..
    Tallulah N- Not my style
    Vivienne Y- Like it!

    Hopefully I didn't do any dream crushing! lol
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    1.Adelaide- y, though I do like Adeline more
    2.Agatha- n, slightly old-fashioned. Maybe Agnes, though I know that's old-fashioned too
    3.Antonia- y, I think someone could pull it off
    4.Athena- n, too associated with the Greeks. Maybe as a middle, though
    5.Augusta- y, I like this one, though it's a bit heavy-handed
    6.Averina- n, to kre8tiv
    7.Azalea- n, I initially liked it, but too flowery for me
    8.Bronte- y, I like the Bronte sisters connection though like I said, hard to pull off
    9.Cecilia- y- lovely unless you note the meaning (blind), I like Cecily
    10.Clementine- y, this one too, fond memories
    11.Cressida- n, reminds me too much of watercress
    12.Edith- n, nickname could be cute, but too old for me
    13.Eleanor- y, nice, but Elinor looks more streamlined
    14.Evangeline- y, I like this one a lot. It's sweet and nickname possible
    15.Florence- y, place-name connections and a Florence Nightingale as well
    16.Genevieve- y, elegant
    17.Georgiana- n, too heavy. I know a Georgiana actually, she goes by Ana Claire
    18.Honoria- n, honors? No thanks. Though Ria could be cute.
    19.Isadora- n, lovely and all, but the Dora the Explorer association just throws me off
    20.Jessamine- y, light feeling to it. Flower as well, and less dated than Jasmine I think
    21.Lillian- y, pretty sound but I don't like the look of it. Maybe Lillien?
    22.Louisa- n, seemingly beautiful but it's just nnn for me
    23.Lucinda- y, I like this because it comes with the Lucy or Luce nickname.
    24.Margaret- y, classic. How could this not be liked?
    25.Marie- y, a bit old, but it could work. I like this more in the first name spot
    26.Martha- n, again, too heavy for me. Too grandmother-ish
    27.Millicent- y, nickname Millie grabs it for me, though I don't like the -cent ending as much
    28.Nerissa- n, for me, a person who likes popular/classical names, Nerissa is a bit out of my box
    29.Ophelia- n, just think of her when she gets to high school and has to a study out of her tragical name
    30.Ottilie- y, beautiful! One of my favorites
    31.Rowena- n, too awkward, dunno why. Maybe Rowan
    32.Roxanne- n, old-ish sounding
    33.Sylvia- y, pretty, but slightly dated. Sylvie is a bit more chic
    34.Tabitha- n, same above. A little dated.
    35.Tallulah- y, I would recommend this only for adventurous people, but an adventurous person could make it work
    36.Vivienne- y, Love this! One of my favorites

    Hope this helped!
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    Quote Originally Posted by kristinjade View Post
    Agatha N- reminds me of Agatha Trunchbull from Matilda
    Glad to see I'm not the only one with this association!
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    I think you have a great list of names, and they are all lovely but that is not very helpful when you're trying to narrow down a list! so I'll try to be as completely honest as I can

    1. Adelaide: y
    2. Agatha: y
    3. Antonia: y
    4. Athena: n, it seems very pretentious to me, and a lot for a child to live up to
    5. Augusta: y
    6. Averina: n, unless it's a family name or there's some history or reason for using it
    7. Azalea: y
    8. Bronte: n, I like this name in theory but the sound of it is so heavy it's hard for me to see on a little girl
    9. Cecilia:y
    10. Clementine: y
    11. Cressida: y
    12. Edith: n, while I love old lady names, this one for me still hasn't lost her dentures, though nn Edie is adorable
    13. Eleanor: y
    14. Evangeline: y
    15. Florence: y
    16. Genevieve: y
    17. Georgiana: n, too frilly for my taste I prefer the more simplistic Georgia
    18. Honoria: n, I can't help but think of gonorrhea, sorry!
    19. Isadora: y
    20. Jessamine: y
    21. Lillian: y
    22. Louisa: y
    23. Lucinda: n, love the nn Lucy but I've never liked the sound of Lucinda
    24. Margaret: y
    25. Marie: y
    26. Martha: n, it's almost a yes I think maybe if I saw a cute little girl named Martha it would change my mind
    27. Millicent: n, I can't help but think of Maleficent the evil fairy in Sleeping Beauty
    28. Nerissa: n, I don't like the 'ner' sound at the beginning of this name
    29. Ophelia: n, I like it in theory but the character is just too tragic for me, though I love the sound
    30. Ottilie:y
    31. Rowena: y
    32. Roxanne:y
    33. Sylvia:y
    34. Tabitha:y
    35. Tallulah:n, I just can't imagine a grown, sophisticated woman named Tallulah
    36. Vivienne:y
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