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Thread: Oui ou Non?

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    From your list I like Clementine, Lillian, Jessamine and Millicent (I know I am in the minority with this one, but you get the cute nn Millie). Are all these names under consideration? I know you didn't ask for suggestions, however, I thought Araminta was a name that was similar in style to your list. Some others Isabeau (instead of Isadora), Clemency (instead of Clementine), and Viola (instead of Vivienne). Others - Eleanora, Leona, Leola, Maisie, Sadie, Mabel, Dorothea and Miriam. Wishing your sister, her husband and you all the best in compiling a wonderful baby names list.
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    Adelaide - y (love nn Ada)
    Agatha - y
    Antonia - y
    Athena - y, I like it
    Augusta - y, I like it
    Averina - n, not without family meaning
    Azalea - y
    Bronte - n, doesn't fit with the rest of the list for a sibset, hard for non-literary folks to pronounce
    Cecilia - y
    Clementine - y
    Cressida - n; I know it's Shakespearean but it doesn't work for me
    Edith - y
    Eleanor - y, I'm a fan
    Evangeline - y
    Florence - y, prefer Flora
    Genevieve - y
    Georgiana - y
    Honoria - y, prefer Honora and love nn Nora
    Isadora - y
    Jessamine - y
    Lillian - y
    Louisa - y
    Lucinda - y, prefer Lucy or Lucia
    Margaret - y
    Marie - y definitely
    Martha - y
    Millicent - n, too dated and reminds me of millipedes
    Nerissa - useable but not my taste, feels like it belongs in Harry Potter
    Ophelia - y
    Ottilie - n for me, more unusual than I'd be up for
    Rowena - y (I say Row-ENN-a)
    Roxanne - n, still feels dated to me
    Sylvia - y
    Tabitha - y
    Tallulah - n, can't get over the strong U sound
    Vivienne - y, prefer Vivian

    My favorites are Adelaide, Eleanor, Lillian, Honora, Margaret, Isadora and Rowena.

    I'd be seriously considering what sort of sibset they want.
    They have some medieval, unusual names like Rowena and Ottilie and Cressida and Ophelia. They have others that are familiar but not popular, like Isadora, Lillian, Adelaide, and Margaret, but those will feel more common because of Isabella, Lily, Addison, and Megan. That doesn't bother me, but it might bother them. And they have some very vintage names (many I love) like Agatha, Antonia, Florence, Millicent, Tabitha, Sylvia and Roxanne.

    I don't think all their sibling names need to be within one genre, but figuring out what they like as a set may help them figure out which names are outliers.

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    Augusta -- though I think August for a boy is much cuter than Augusta for a girl
    Cecilia -- very pretty, nn Cilia is also lovely
    Clementine -- very cute, and don't let the popularity of it on NB make you think it's actually popular!
    Edith -- not a gigantic fan, but it's okay and I love the nn Edie
    Eleanor -- same as Edith, with nn Ellie
    Evangeline -- also very pretty, nn Evie?
    Genevieve -- pretty
    Lillian -- classy
    Louisa -- classic that I think is becoming more acceptable again
    Margaret -- classic; love nn Maggie
    Ophelia -- you'd probably get some raised eyebrows on this one, but it's pretty
    Ottilie -- cute and grown up at the same time
    Tallulah -- cute
    Vivienne -- very womanly; always makes me think of a classy French lady


    All of the names I voted no on seem to be either pretty old lady-ish or just very out there.

    My favorites are:
    Cecilia nn Cilia
    Clementine nn Emmy
    Evangeline nn Evie

    Good luck to both you and your sister!

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    I've bolded my favourites from your list, and tried to add comments as to any "no" answers. :-)

    Adelaide - y
    Agatha - n This name is so clunky and I always associate it with Miss Trunchbull in Matilda.
    Antonia - y
    Athena - y

    Augusta - y
    Averina - n I did a bit of searching but couldn't find any info on this name. What about Avelina?
    Azalea - y
    Bronte - n I don't really like surnames and this one sounds masculine. Plus I know more than one dog named Bronte.
    Cecilia - y
    Clementine - y It's usable, but not my favourite
    Cressida - n This is a bit out-there for me, though I see it's in use in some places. If you're in a diverse city or in the UK it is usable.
    Edith - y Usable but a bit too "old lady" for many peoples' taste. I think it's kind of pretty but I know most of my friends would disagree.
    Eleanor - y
    Evangeline - y
    Florence - n Also clunky.
    Genevieve - y
    Georgiana - y
    Honoria - n I prefer simply using Honor
    Isadora - y
    Jessamine - y Usable, but a bit odd where I live. I've only heard this name online, though apparently it's not uncommon in the UK.
    Lillian - y
    Louisa - y

    Lucinda - n Feels kind of dated to me, like a Mom name.
    Margaret - y (but I'm biased!)
    Marie - y
    Martha - y
    Millicent - n I like Millie, but Millicent doesn't sound pleasant at all to me.
    Nerissa - y It's usable, but too close to Marissa for me.
    Ophelia - y
    Ottilie - y/n Depends where you live. I'd never heard of this name before Nameberry and had to look up pronunciation, so it might be difficult in some areas.
    Rowena - n I also dislike the "ween" sound.
    Roxanne - n Has a dated feel, though I love the nickname Roxy.
    Sylvia - y
    Tabitha - y
    Tallulah - y This seems like one of those names that's way more popular online than in real life. I've never met a real person named Talullah.
    Vivienne - y
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    Adelaide - Y For nickname Addie
    Agatha - N There are some really cool older names, but this one will always remain like a mean lady's name to me.
    Antonia - N Just meh.
    Athena - N Doesn't do much for me.
    Augusta - Y
    Averina - N Prefer Averill
    Azalea - Y I like flower names. Also Violet & Dahlia. Very soft and beautiful and fresh.
    Bronte - Y Might not choose this for my own kid, but I like strong names. Could be cool.
    Cecilia - Y Very lovely and timeless. Celia or Cece as a nickname. Would work throughout her life, no matter what she does as a profession.
    Clementine - Y I may be in the minority, but I like this name. Very fresh and pretty.
    Cressida - N Sounds like a snotty girl.
    Edith - Y But only because of the nickname Edie, which is awesome. Edith by itself is a little clunky.
    Eleanor - Y Lovely. Yes.
    Evangeline - Y Such a beautiful name! Really love this one.
    Florence - N Makes me think of the waitress Flo from Alice/Mel's Diner
    Genevieve - Y Very pretty
    Georgiana - Y Pretty. Georgie, Georgia, Ana, Gigi.
    Honoria - N Trying too hard. Just doesn't do anything for me.
    Isadora - N Just no.
    Jessamine - N Bit meh.
    Lillian - Y Though very popular it's a truly beautiful name. Lilliana is another variation that is lovely. Lilly.
    Louisa - N Just ok.
    Lucinda - N Very country singer.
    Margaret - Y I'll admit I really like this name. Stately with great nicknames - Maggie, etc.
    Marie - N Just ok. There are other Mary variations I like better.
    Martha - N Doesn't make me think of an attractive girl.
    Millicent - N Snobby boarding school girl comes to mind.
    Nerissa - N Please don't.
    Ophelia - N Though if you love it, our friends daughter is named this and goes by Layla
    Ottilie - N An otter is the first thing that pops to mind.
    Rowena - N I prefer Ramona for some spunk.
    Roxanne - N Very 80's
    Sylvia - ? Maybe. Silvie could be cute.
    Tabitha - N Also 70's/80's
    Tallulah - Y Not my personal style but it's fun and spunky nonetheless.
    Vivienne - Y Love love love this name!

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