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    Oui ou Non?

    Me again! My list for my sister is excellent, thank you for your help I'm a bit OCD about names though, and I'm trying my best to show these names in every aspect, and to give my sister and her husband every possible reason to keep/eliminate a name, because, I know her well, this child'll be about 10 years old if she's left to her own devices. (hence why I've been asked to help, haha).

    Anywho, the list I have has 36 names, and, to see how well accepted (if you will) the name would be in today's day in age, I've decided to post the list here, and ask you all to simply put a y or n, (or o/n, / whichever method that shows a positive over a negative) beside each name, y being a yes; it's refreshing and would be nice to hear today, and n being a no; if you put a no, a reason as to why would be lovely

    The names are::

    1. Adelaide
    2. Agatha
    3. Antonia
    4. Athena
    5. Augusta
    6. Averina
    7. Azalea
    8. Bronte
    9. Cecilia
    10. Clementine
    11. Cressida
    12. Edith
    13. Eleanor
    14. Evangeline
    15. Florence
    16. Genevieve
    17. Georgiana
    18. Honoria
    19. Isadora
    20. Jessamine
    21. Lillian
    22. Louisa
    23. Lucinda
    24. Margaret
    25. Marie
    26. Martha
    27. Millicent
    28. Nerissa
    29. Ophelia
    30. Ottilie
    31. Rowena
    32. Roxanne
    33. Sylvia
    34. Tabitha
    35. Tallulah
    36. Vivienne

    Thank you!

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