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Thread: Oui ou Non?

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    Oui ou Non?

    Me again! My list for my sister is excellent, thank you for your help I'm a bit OCD about names though, and I'm trying my best to show these names in every aspect, and to give my sister and her husband every possible reason to keep/eliminate a name, because, I know her well, this child'll be about 10 years old if she's left to her own devices. (hence why I've been asked to help, haha).

    Anywho, the list I have has 36 names, and, to see how well accepted (if you will) the name would be in today's day in age, I've decided to post the list here, and ask you all to simply put a y or n, (or o/n, / whichever method that shows a positive over a negative) beside each name, y being a yes; it's refreshing and would be nice to hear today, and n being a no; if you put a no, a reason as to why would be lovely

    The names are::

    1. Adelaide
    2. Agatha
    3. Antonia
    4. Athena
    5. Augusta
    6. Averina
    7. Azalea
    8. Bronte
    9. Cecilia
    10. Clementine
    11. Cressida
    12. Edith
    13. Eleanor
    14. Evangeline
    15. Florence
    16. Genevieve
    17. Georgiana
    18. Honoria
    19. Isadora
    20. Jessamine
    21. Lillian
    22. Louisa
    23. Lucinda
    24. Margaret
    25. Marie
    26. Martha
    27. Millicent
    28. Nerissa
    29. Ophelia
    30. Ottilie
    31. Rowena
    32. Roxanne
    33. Sylvia
    34. Tabitha
    35. Tallulah
    36. Vivienne

    Thank you!

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    favs in bold

    Adelaide - TRENDY
    Agatha - not bad for an old lady comeback name
    Antonia - never thought of it as particulary pretty
    Athena - love it, great meaning behind it, any girl would want the attributes of this goddess
    Augusta - just okay, not one of the better fuddy duddy names making a comeback
    Averina - trying to hard to spice up Ava
    Azalea - okay, im from the south so the flower is so common id never name a child this
    Bronte - not very feminine but i love the literary meaning, maybe a middle name
    Cecilia - lovely, okay
    Clementine - TRENDY
    Cressida - reminds me of credensa - CABINET/CUPBOARD
    Edith - comeback old lady name, Edie nn, not bad
    Eleanor - Nora nn, just ok
    Evangeline - feeling too flowery for names today but classic and always usable
    Florence - plenty of better olden names to pick from
    Genevieve - classic but trendy right now
    Georgiana - LOVELY but may become trendy due to the new Prince George
    Honoria - reminds me of Jessica Alba, trendy, trying to hard
    Isadora - trendy
    Jessamine - LOVELY, lots of olden charm
    Lillian - Jillian, Lilly, to many other similar names, seems over done
    Louisa - just ok
    Lucinda - just ok
    Margaret - ok, even while a lil over the top prefer Marguerite
    Marie - overly common, find a nice smoosh name to use it in
    Martha - Stewart, plenty of better old lady names out there
    Millicent - use the original and much lovlier Melisende
    Nerissa - reminds me of narcissistic yet i prefer Narcissa
    Ophelia - popular
    Ottilie - TRENDY
    Rowena - Ravenclaw Harry Potter conotation
    Roxanne - love, elegant and spunky at the same time
    Sylvia - short and sweet
    Tabitha - witch connotation, common sounding
    Tallulah - TRENDY
    Vivienne - classic but recently used by the Jolie-Pitts

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    Adelaide - yes, but getting a bit tired of all the Addie names. Not quite fresh anymore.
    Agatha - no, too old lady, clunky grandma, Flowers in the Attic for me
    Antonia - yes
    Athena - yes
    Augusta - no, prefer it over Agatha but again very clunky, heavy, old
    Averina - no, sounds made up
    Azalea - yes
    Bronte - no, just not my taste
    Cecilia - yes
    Clementine - yes
    Cressida - no, I'm not even sure if I'm pronouncing this right but I just don't like the sound
    Edith - maybe. I'm on the fence - too grandma clunky or just ready to make a comeback?
    Eleanor - yes
    Evangeline - yes
    Florence - yes
    Genevieve - no, sounds kinda snobby to me
    Georgiana - no, prefer Georgia
    Honoria - no, but love Honora. This sounds like "annoy ya" if you say it fast
    Isadora - yes
    Jessamine - no, sounds too trendy even though I know it's not
    Lillian - yes
    Louisa - yes
    Lucinda - no, too fairy-tale-is
    Margaret - no, just no for me, although nn Maggie is cute
    Marie - no, sounds dated
    Martha - no, Martha Stewart is all I can think of
    Millicent - no, way too Grandma
    Nerissa - no, sounds witchy
    Ophelia - no, "oh feel ya"
    Ottilie - maybe, but I'm never sure how to pronounce this.
    Rowena - no, just not for me
    Roxanne - no, dated
    Sylvia - yes
    Tabitha - no, too catty
    Tallulah - yes
    Vivienne - yes

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    1.Adelaide- Yes <3
    2.Agatha- No, it just sounds gross to me.
    3.Antonia- No, it sounds like a guys name.
    4.Athena- Yes
    5.Augusta- No, just too much.
    6.Averina- Yes
    7.Azalea- Yes <3
    8.Bronte- No, too masculine sounding.
    9.Cecilia- Yes <3
    10.Clementine- Yes <3
    11.Cressida- Yes
    12.Edith- Yes
    13.Eleanor- Yes <3
    14.Evangeline- Yes
    15.Florence- Yes, but only if she has a nn, like Flora.
    16.Genevieve- Yes
    17.Georgiana- No, settle for Georgia instead.
    18.Honoria- No, it's just too much.
    19.Isadora- Yes, but don't call her Dora.
    20.Jessamine- Yes <3
    21.Lillian- Yes <3
    22.Louisa- Yes
    23.Lucinda- Yes, only if her nn is Lucy.
    24.Margaret- No, I don't like the nn Maggie
    25.Marie- Yes
    26.Martha- No, sounds too old woman-ish for a little baby.
    27.Millicent- No, sounds too witchy.
    28.Nerissa- Yes
    29.Ophelia- Yes <3
    30.Ottilie- How do you pronounce this? I have no clue. Maybe...
    31.Rowena- Yes
    32.Roxanne- Yes
    33.Sylvia- No, too many y's and v's.
    34.Tabitha- Yes <3
    35.Tallulah- Yes
    36.Vivienne- Yes

    I'm sorry if I sounded rude on some... Hope I helped!
    Erin (Writer, Nerdfighter, Ravenclaw; Not expecting, just collecting)
    (Adelaide, Betty, Cassia, Georgia, Ocean, Violet)
    (Asher, Gabriel, Josiah, Oakley, Rowan, Wayland)

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    I'm sorry, but the idea of Ottilie or Adelaide being trendy is laughable. I guarantee that the average joe American has never even heard of Ottilie before. And Ophelia is popular, but not even on the SSA charts?

    Here are my thoughts on the names, objectively:

    Adelaide -y
    Agatha - I actually like it, but it might be difficult to wear.
    Antonia -y
    Athena -y
    Augusta - again, I like it, but it might be off-putting.
    Averina -n. it just comes across as made-up, tryndee.
    Azalea -hm. I can't decide. I don't really like it, as it's cavity-inducing sweet, but it might be ok.
    Bronte -n. It's a surname and should stay there.
    Cecilia -y
    Clementine -y
    Cressida -really obscure. I guess most people won't know what it is.
    Edith -y, with reservations. I love it though many find it too stodgy. Edie is redeeming though.
    Eleanor -y
    Evangeline -y
    Florence -y
    Genevieve -y
    Georgiana -y
    Honoria -a bit too elaborate and frilly for my tastes, but it's probably usable.
    Isadora -y
    Jessamine -y
    Lillian- all the Lily names have been soaring up the chart, including this one. I'd avoid if popularity is an issue.
    Louisa -y
    Lucinda -y
    Margaret -y
    Marie -y, could be very sweet and refreshing up front, rather than banished to the middle.
    Martha -y
    Millicent -this name is so creepy crawly to me (millipedes and centipedes together) but thats probably just my weird quirk.
    Nerissa -n-just too obscure, like Cressida
    Ophelia -y, with reservations. It's tragic, you know?
    Ottilie -n, way too obscure for average America.
    Rowena -n, the WEEN sound is too prominent.
    Roxanne -n, the creepy song.
    Sylvia -y
    Tabitha -y
    Tallulah -y
    Vivienne -y
    Melissa, Mama to Oscar Leopold.
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