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Thread: Oui ou Non?

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    1.Adelaide Y
    2.Agatha N, I prefer Agnes if you want a vintage name, to me Agatha is a little too clunky, whereas Agnes while old fashioned has a little more spunk and I can picture it on a little girl
    3.Antonia Y
    4.Athena Y
    5.Augusta Y
    6.Averina N, it's just too much imo.
    7.Azalea Y
    8.Bronte N, the only kid I have met with this name was a boy, so for me I always picture a little boy with this name.
    9.Cecilia Y
    10.Clementine N, while I love this name I think it's best left as a guilty pleasure name
    11.Cressida N, the sound just doesn't work for me.
    12.Edith, Y
    13.Eleanor, Y
    14.Evangeline Y
    15.Florence Y
    16.Genevieve Y
    17.Georgiana Y
    18.Honoria N, I have a hard time picturing this as a name.
    19.Isadora Y
    20.Jessamine Y
    21.Lillian Y
    22.Louisa Y
    23.Lucinda Y
    24.Margaret Y
    25.Marie Y
    26.Martha Y
    27.Millicent Y, you could use the nn Millie!
    28.Nerissa N, it reminds me of the name of the wicked witch on Enchanted
    29.Ophelia, Y
    30.Ottilie, Y
    31.Rowena, Y
    32.Roxanne, N, while it's a cool name it reminds me of that song, "Roxanne, you don't have to put on that red light, walk the streets for money..."
    33.Sylvia Y
    34.Tabitha N, I have never really liked this name and I have no real reason, it just rubs me the wrong way
    35.Tallulah N, it's a lot of name.
    36.Vivienne Y

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    1.Adelaide - - N - I like it but the "Ad" names are getting more mainstream.
    2.Agatha - Y
    3.Antonia - Y
    4.Athena - N - Not my favourite Greek mythology name. Is getting to be a "trendy" choice.
    5.Augusta - Y
    6.Averina - N - Avery all frilled up = odd!
    7.Azalea - Y
    8.Bronte - N - Masculine sounding. Better in the middle spot
    9.Cecilia - N - Overdone at the moment - I prefer Cecily or Celia.
    10.Clementine - Y - One of my favourite fruits!
    11.Cressida - N - Prissy and posh
    12.Edith - Y
    13.Eleanor - Y
    14.Evangeline - Y
    15.Florence - Y
    16.Genevieve - Y
    17.Georgiana - Y
    18.Honoria - N - rhymes with gonorrhea.
    19.Isadora - Y
    20.Jessamine - N - better in the middle spot
    21.Lillian - N - overused and I have a negative association
    22.Louisa - Y
    23.Lucinda - N - I prefer Lucy - less frill.
    24.Margaret - Y
    25.Marie - N - I prefer Mary. Marie seems more "dated".
    26.Martha - N - Too clunky so it's not ready for revival.
    27.Millicent - Y
    28.Nerissa - N - prissy sister of Priscilla and Cressida
    29.Ophelia - N - too much teasing potential (oh-feel-ya).
    30.Ottilie - Y
    31.Rowena - N - I don't like the whizzy ending. Prefer Rowan.
    32.Roxanne - N - Just reminds me of that irritating Police song. Roxana is much better.
    33.Sylvia - Y
    34.Tabitha - N - a cute little blond child witch name for me
    35.Tallulah - N - I imagine a girl with some screws loose.
    36.Vivienne - N - I prefer the Vivian spelling.

    My faves are bolded! A great list overall.
    All the best,

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    Adelaide- N; overused
    Agatha- Y; one of my favorite names.
    Antonia- Y; pretty.
    Athena- N
    Augusta- Y
    Averina- N; looks made up.
    Azalea- N; think of the rapper.
    Bronte- N; not a first name feel.
    Cecilia- Y
    Clementine- Y
    Cressida- N; not very pretty.
    Edith- Y
    Eleanor- N; overused.
    Evangeline- N; clunky
    Florence- Y; pretty, good nn options.
    Genevieve- N
    Georgiana- Y
    Honoria- N; prefer Honora
    Isadora- Y
    Jessamine- N
    Lillian- N; too common
    Louisa- Y
    Lucinda- N; perhaps too whimsical
    Margaret- Y; nice nn options
    Marie- N; unless family name
    Martha- N
    Millicent- N
    Nerissa- N
    Ophelia- Y; similar to Sophia
    Ottilie- Y; but pron. issues
    Rowena- N; same as Lucinda
    Roxanne- N
    Sylvia- Y
    Tabitha- N
    Tallulah- Y
    Vivienne- Y

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    Quote Originally Posted by mei_mei View Post
    I'm sorry, but the idea of Ottilie or Adelaide being trendy is laughable. I guarantee that the average joe American has never even heard of Ottilie before. And Ophelia is popular, but not even on the SSA charts?
    Totally agree with this. Some people on Nameberry seem to confuse popular with trendy. A classic name may be popular, but isn't trendy. Trendy names are things like Jayden, Brayden, Kayden, Kaylee, Kylie, Neveah, etc. Adelaide may be popular but is not trendy. And Ottilie is neither popular nor trendy. In my own circle, I doubt anyone would have even heard of Ottilie -- I only know it because of nameberry. Anyway! Here is my y/n on your list. Favorites are in bold.

    Adelaide - y
    Agatha - y
    Antonia - y
    Athena - y
    Augusta - n
    Averina - n
    Azalea - n
    Bronte - n
    Cecilia - y
    Clementine - y
    Cressida - n
    Edith - y
    Eleanor - y
    Evangeline - y
    Florence - y
    Genevieve - y

    Georgiana - y
    Honoria - n
    Isadora - y
    Jessamine - n
    Lillian - y
    Louisa - y
    Lucinda - y
    Margaret - y
    Marie - n
    Martha - n
    Millicent - n
    Nerissa - n
    Ophelia - y
    Ottilie - y

    Rowena - n
    Roxanne - y
    Sylvia - y
    Tabitha - y

    Tallulah - y
    Vivienne - y
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    Adelaide--Nice but NMS
    Agatha--I like old lady names, but prefer something like Harriet
    Antonia--NMS, I don't really like those Roman-sounding names
    Athena--Cool, but not really practical on an actual human
    Augusta--This is nice, NMS, but not bad
    Averina--Too complicated
    Azalea--Too flowery
    Bronte--I like it, it just doesn't sound very pretty
    Cecilia--Still a bit dated, IMO
    Cressida--Too fairy-tale
    Eleanor--Really nice, this would be high on my list if it wasn't already taken by a cousin
    Evangeline--I hated it when I first came across it as a child, but now...I think it's kind of nice! Refreshing, yes.
    Genevieve--Too fancy
    Georgiana--I prefer Georgia
    Honoria--I just don't know how to pronounce this...but I think I would put it in the same category as Antonia (NMS)
    Lillian--Not bad, kinda boring. I like Lily better.
    Marie--Cute moving it back to the first name place, as it's sat for so long in the middle slot
    Martha--Not refreshing yet
    Millicent--This is nice
    Nerissa--No, too prissy
    Ophelia--Too fancy
    Ottilie--This is cute
    Rowena--I've just never liked this name. It doesn't sound pretty, doesn't look pretty.
    Roxanne--Not sure if this one is ready for a comeback
    Sylvia--Um...maybe? Kinda boring...I like Sylvie better...but it's not bad.
    Current favorites: Olive, Louise/Louisa, Magdalene/Madeline, Phillipa, Talitha, Mallory, Blythe, Eliza, Mercy, Talia; Calvin, Charles, Gideon, Abram, Jude, Reuben, George, Reid, Clark, Holden.

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