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    What Did You Want to Name Your Kids As a Child?

    When I first began my obsession with baby names, at about age 10, I wanted 5 boys. I wanted to name them Jonah, Dylan, Brian, Allen and Aaron. Since then, I've discovered more interesting names (certainly) and realized that 5 boys would be beyond difficult. But I want to know what your favorite names were as a kid and how your choices have matured over time.

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    I think I was about 15 when I picked these out?

    Devonny Brynn Aurelia
    Danica Raye Celeste
    Alec Adrian Scott
    Tyler Daniel Brent.

    Needless to say, my tastes have definitely matured.
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    I first started to be interested in names when I was about 8.
    I liked Alannah Rose for a very long time. I still like it, but my tastes have changed

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    My favourites when I was very young were all the sort of vanilla, popular type of names; a Lily, Grace, and Audrey type deal. I don't think I even had any boy names.

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    From the age of 7/8 I always said I would name my first daughter Elizabeth which I did! Other girls names I liked were Belle, Anna, Anastasia and Lucy. We names our 2nd daughter Annabelle so I used both Anna and Belle in a way! I like the name Lucy but it's NMS anymore and obviously Anastasia and Annabelle wouldn't work as siblings.

    For boys I liked Alexander, Patrick, Riley, James and Charlie. I still like Alexander and Patrick but they have both recently been used by people we know. Riley, James and Charlie are NMS anymore. Plus my sister named her dog Riley and James and Charlie are names of my husband's family members!
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