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    Nickname suggestions?

    So, I'm pretty sure (95%), after much internal debate, that we're going with Linus Roman for our boy due in 3 weeks. Being that my husband and I are both from Wisconsin (we don't live there now, but we're still close) it seems almost inevitable that we'll start calling him Leinie (lye-nee) unless we have another nn that feels natural waiting in the wings. I don't want to call my baby the name of a beer (Leinie's is what Leinenkugel's beer is commonly called). LOL!

    I've come up with a small list, but I wondered if anyone else could think of any. What we call him is by no means official... it's not what he'll "go by" on introductions. It's just what we'll refer to him as regularly, like we call our daughter Sylvie a lot, but her name is Sylvia.

    I've got:
    LiRo (first+middle beginnings)
    Eller (L-R)

    Anything else?
    Mom to Sylvia Caron and Linus Roman

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