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    Nickname vs. Legal name

    I'm almost 39 weeks pregnant, and I'm second-guessing my name choices. Well, sort of. I'm second-guessing the format.

    Previously, I didn't want to have a child with a long name that felt the need to be shortened. I didn't want her correcting everyone the rest of her life, saying "But, I go by...". But I've started to love a longer version of one of my choices, and now I'm not sure what I want to do.

    My top two names are Edith and Thora. But lately I can't stop coming back to Theodora as the primary name, shortened to Thora. I think it's beautiful enough that it shouldn't be a problem if teachers or employers call her Theodora, but friends call her Thora. But I'm not sure. Is it too much of a hassle?

    By the way, we're deciding on our final name choice once she is born. So Edith will still be in the running, but I don't want to be questioning the Theodora vs. Thora thing after she's born.

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