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    Nickname vs. Legal name

    I'm almost 39 weeks pregnant, and I'm second-guessing my name choices. Well, sort of. I'm second-guessing the format.

    Previously, I didn't want to have a child with a long name that felt the need to be shortened. I didn't want her correcting everyone the rest of her life, saying "But, I go by...". But I've started to love a longer version of one of my choices, and now I'm not sure what I want to do.

    My top two names are Edith and Thora. But lately I can't stop coming back to Theodora as the primary name, shortened to Thora. I think it's beautiful enough that it shouldn't be a problem if teachers or employers call her Theodora, but friends call her Thora. But I'm not sure. Is it too much of a hassle?

    By the way, we're deciding on our final name choice once she is born. So Edith will still be in the running, but I don't want to be questioning the Theodora vs. Thora thing after she's born.

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    Thora is so much better than Theodora. Normally I'm all for options, but not so much, in this case.

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    I definitely think Thora should stand alone! Theodora just doesn't have the same charm, IMO. And very few people would ask if Thora was short for something, I would think. It is a name in its' own right, after all!

    Both Edith and Thora are lovely you can't go wrong with either one! Good luck!
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    I'm surprised Theodora isn't getting a bit more love

    I'm a fan of both - Theodora nn Thora would be absolutely darling! If it makes a difference, Thora means Thunder while Theodora means gift of god. Maybe one of the meanings appeals more to you than the other?

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    If you know her Theodora, the nicknames Thea and Teddi are possibilities that other people might choose to call her (or she might choose at some point). So Theodora gives your daughter more options but if you want her called Thora, I would name her that.
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