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    I made one for both my boys. I also am starting to make one for the one I`m pregnant with right now.
    My boys really like looking at pictures of them when they were babies and when they were still in my belly. Bridger even took it in for his kindergarten show and tell once. I think it works great. When Avery was 1 years old he would shout, "baby" at every single picture.
    I think it`s a great idea!!!
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    I'm not particularly crafty or creative sadly so I just got a very pretty note book and wrote a diary entry once a week. I struggled with actually fulfilling my pledge but I have 2 beautiful books with stories, some good and some bad, and photos, ultrasounds and such, I'm still writing in them, although not every week but when Bugsy says something funny or Jem hits a milestone I go crazy with my recounts! It may have been a bit of a struggle to keep up with but I'm so happy I wrote so much down, it is truly lovely to have such a great way to remember every kick and vomit! I know my mum made a diary for me and I still enjoy reading it.

    We also took a photo of my belly each week, I know I'm a little insane, but I was just so interested in my changing body that I thought it would be a great idea so we could show our boys in the future. A friend put the photo's on a disk and sped up the interchange so you can literally see my belly growing, I think it is so amazing!

    The book you are thinking of getting is fabulous!!! It is just like my note books except so easy to work out, ahhh I think I might need to invest next time! Seriously though writing things down it totally great, it's such a special time that you never want to forget a detail!
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    @pansy: that sounds so nice, I love your photobook idea! Definitely making me want to look into that possibility. I think I'm also struggling a bit because I'm feeling kind of late in the game at 21 Weeks... but I guess I could still re-create some of the earlier stuff!
    @liialovesnames: that is so cute that your son took his into his school! That is big incentive for me to get something together. And I have to admit, I'm always a little bit sad that my own parents didn't bother with any of this stuff for me (I was the 3rd, there are barely even any photos). They have no idea about my first words or their pregnancy tests or any of that. So I really want to figure this out.
    @goldielocks: you hit the nail on the head when you said you're not particularly crafty or creative. Sometimes I actually am - but right now, I got NOTHING. I dunno if it's the "baby brain" everyone talks about or what but I have zero ideas flowing. And I have a lot of free time on my hands so it's a real shame. I am very, very happy I found that particular journal because it's making it so much easier for me with the prompts and questions - pretty much the hand-holding I need these days!

    Thanks all of you for sharing, I love reading your stories and ideas!!!

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    I don't scrapbook but I do memory books for my kids from when I found out I was pg onwards. My eldest is almost 7 and I still update his with things he's done, so include their firsts like words, walking and other milestones. I include photos, their hospital bands, and other souvenirs of things we've done. They love to go through their books and suggest new pictures to put in.

    Haven't started one for this baby (due in 6 weeks) but have been keeping things to put in and writing entries in my regular journal.
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    I am not a crafty type. I've written down milestones here and there, kind of little journal entries about what she's like at each age when I think to do it, maybe skipping months or sometimes multiple updates per month, but I haven't even collected them up into one book! One day I'll organize it all together, but I have enough projects at the moment. I think that if you like doing it go for it, but I am just not a pinterest mommy and I'm OK with that! At the same time, it goes by so fast and you forget a lot more than you'd think, so it is a nice idea. I like doing it journal style instead of prompts, I figure that way it's more personalized.

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