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    You don't have to wear black to a funeral. Blues, grays and even brown would be totally ok.

    You're gonna want to keep her entertained. Bring a favourite toy of hers. Some books to read to her. If she's seen anything disney (or heard any of the music) you can always download some music and play it in the car.

    Also, you'll probably have to take some breaks every few hours. Make sure she gets to the bathroom and has a chance to stretch her legs.

    Bring a blanket, in case she gets cold or wants to nap.
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    If she's a new walker she might need extra distractions. Wear colorful jangly bangle bracelets to share with her, bring along some new books, maybe let a family member hang in the back with baby if she will want to be in your lap.

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    I just wanted to add that we did try this trip last year doing the driving through the night idea. He slept the whole way, which was great. But then we got home and we were exhausted and he was wide awake! So if you are either great at staying awake for 2 days straight or you have people lined up to watch the baby all day while you crash, driving through the night makes sense. Since neither was true for us, starting earlier and hitting naptime and then part of the night worked better. We did not get a full night of sleep, but we got enough to be functional the next morning.

    We also tried the stopping partway and staying at a hotel method when driving down w. grandparents. If your baby will sleep in a strange place easily, this is a great plan. My son spent the whole night refusing to sleep (screaming) in the hotel crib and then jumping up and down on the bed when I gave up and put him in bed w. me. It didn't help that we were all in the same room. Continuing the drive the next day was not fun.

    Please let us know how it went and if you have any new tips and tricks!

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    We just did a 24 hr trip from Africa to New England with a 20 and 24 mos old. It was horrible but some saving graces:

    Snacks, snacks, snacks
    Comfy blanket and pillows
    Run around time whenever possible
    Tennis ball can with assorted small stuff to put in and take out over an over.
    Hide the favorite books until departure and then the excitement over them is much higher once they get them back.
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    I'd also recommend bringing a pillowcase, which you can put in the window if the sun gets to be strong on his lil' face. You may already have a sunshade of some kind, but my folks always rolled the window up on the top edge of an empty pillowcase.
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