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    Exclamation Traveling with a Toddler - HELP!

    My Grandma Lucille passed away last night. Her funeral will be on Wednesday. My parents are driving to OH from KS for it (about 12 hours) and have said they want to rent a van for the trip so that Maura and I can come with them. I haven't seen my OH family in such a long time, and none of them have had a chance to meet Maura yet (including my grandma, sadly). I really want to go. Has anyone ever attempted a road trip like this with a toddler before? She's 13 months old. I'm freaking out because we'll have to leave early Tuesday morning, so I only have 1 day to prepare. Any advice? What to pack? How to keep her happy in the car? Also, how does one dress a baby to attend a funeral? She doesn't own anything black. TIA!
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    I actually just made a 20 plus hour car trip with my three year old and 13 month old. You need clothes a couple bottles or sippy cups that she can drink in the carseat I packed plenty of filling snacks like the baby food pouches and bananas fruit snacks animal crackers and yogurt melts. If you can travel at night while she sleeps it will help make the trip easier. Entertainment depends on your baby I was able to get away with some toys and a portable dvd player. A blanket and a binky or a teether toy etc. As far as what for her to wear I would pick something navy or as somber as possible she is a baby and wont be expected to follow the rules of morning.

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    Does Maura have any clothing that your Grandma gave her that fits? Or an outfit that your Grandma really liked? I'd pick that, but I'm also rather sentimental, haha.
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    You could do it if you are making lots of stops for her to get her energy out & if you are very patient when she gets fussy.
    It is a long time for her to be in a car seat, if you had more time I would take an extra day to split up the driving hours a bit. (note: it might be better for her if you did most of your driving overnight & she can just sleep in her car seat)
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    We just did a 13 hour road trip with our son (he was 18 months at the time.) What worked for us was leaving a couple of hours before naptime, getting out to play after nap, then driving through the night. So we left at 11am, he napped from 1-3, we stopped for about an hour to eat and play, then again to play and change him before bedtime, then he fell asleep for the night at 8. We were able to transfer him to his crib once we got home at 1 am and he slept the rest of the night there.

    We did this without a DVD player. I have nothing against those, especially for long car trips, but we just don't have one. We gave him loads of Cheerios. Those squeezy packs are great for car trips. Maybe if there is some kind of special treat that she normally doesn't get, that would be good to bring along and give her when things get rough.

    Those lift the flap books really occupied him. I got him a pack of hot-wheels which he had never seen before. We brought a magna-doodle, and that was really helpful. Music is really helpful. We sang the alphabet song maybe two million times. I don't know why the alphabet song is so appealing.

    Weird trick- if the baby/toddler starts screaming, roll down all of the windows. For some reason, this always makes him stop screaming. I think sometimes you have to surprise them and they just stop and then forget why they were upset.

    I don't think anyone expects toddlers to wear black at funerals. Just a nice dress is fine.

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