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    Adrian vs Avery for a girl

    Hi, I have two boys Landon ans Owen and I am down to a few names for a girl. What names go best?

    Adrian Evelyn
    Avery Evelyn

    I also like Quinn but I don't think I could convince my husband.

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    Avery. Since both of your boys' names end in N it drives home the masculinity/androgyny of Adrian (or Quinn). If you go with Adrienne I'd really recommend Adrienne spelling. Also Avery Evelyn has better flow than either Adrian Evelyn or Quinn Evelyn given the different ending (although the V is a little repeat-y, but it works).

    Avery Evelyn definitely! Or consider Avery Quinn, that's nice too.

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    I definitely like Avery over Adrian! Good luck!

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    I prefer the name Adrian (esp. spelled Adrienne), but it has major flow problems with Evelyn. Adrian Evelyn just doesn't work.

    So Avery Evelyn it is, a very pretty combo, and as PPs said, contrast favourably with your boy names.

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    Well, they're both boy's names, but Avery is at least commonly used for girls, so Avery. How about using Evelyn as a first name?
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